10 Quirky And Cute Valentines Printables

Not every Valentine needs to be pink and heart shaped! These printables are goofy and feature a variety of different themes, each with a valentines day touch!

printable Valentine bath bomb gift tag INSTANT DOWNLOAD image 1

Bath Bomb Valentine tag

You don't always have to give your valentine chocolate or candy, bath bombs are an underrated gift option that are sure to make a splash! These tags feature a cartoon Bomb to accompany the (hopefully) less explosive bath bomb.

Crocodile Valentines Printable DIY Instant Download Pencil or image 1

Valentines Crocodile Holder

Nothings sweeter then your smile, crocodile! This printable is a card of a cool green croc with sunglasses and a smug, toothy smile. It's designed to be able to hold a lollipop or pencil in its mouth.

Chinese Dragon Valentines Printable DIY Instant Download image 1

Chinese Dragon Valentines Pencil Hugger

I think it's safe to say that dragons are even more fierce than crocodiles. This Fiery  red dragon is one from Chinese mythology. No need to be afraid! This dragon just wants to say that you're CLAWsome. It's the perfect creature to deliver a little valentines present too!

Funny Nose Picking Valentines Classroom Pencil Holder image 2

Valentine nose picking pencil holder

 These silly valentines feature mustachioed and bespectacled noses with a variety of skin tones and background colors. You can stick a pencil or pixie stick up the nostril and give it to your valentine. (there shouldn't be any snot, but you can never be too sure..)

Friendship Bracelet Valentines Printable DIY Instant Download image 1

Thumbs Up Emoji Valentines Friendship Bracelet Card

Give your valentine the feeling of online validation in real life! These thumbs up emoji cards are made just for that. They're also made so that you can put a friendship bracelet on them. 

Viking Valentines Classroom Candy Boxes Printable foldable image 1

Valentines Viking Candy Box

This mighty viking has a gift to give you! He's a little fold up gift box that can fit something like Hershey kisses or a small toy. Our viking has a magnificent orange beard and a helmet with the classic horns.

Bacon Valentine Funny Frying Pan Printable Instant Download image 1

Bacon Frying Pan Valentine

What's Shaking bacon? Stick the frying pan print in a plastic sandwich bag, and then put in some candy that looks like bacon. I used sour belt gummy candies for my bacon.  then attach the tag and tie the baggy closed with a ribbon!

Valentines Cheeseballs Cheese Puffs Bag Label INSTANT DOWNLOAD image 1

Cheeseball Valentine bag label

A savory snack like a cheese ball can be just as yummy as a chocolate or candy. Put together a bag with cheesy balls and staple it closed with this cute punny label.

Chinchilla Valentine Printable Cute Pet Hugger for small image 1

Chinchilla Valentine Hugger

This adorable furry-looking rodent is wearing shades and is ready to give your valentine a little gift! I used a pencil sharpener, but a small toy, candy, or chocolate  would work too!

Hamster Valentine Printable Cute Pet Hugger for small candy image 1

Valentines Hamster Hugger

And finally, we have a cute hamster friend in glasses who's life RODENT be the same without you. Like the others, this card can be easily printed at home! 

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Tiffany Everett

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