10 Cat And Dog Valentines Printables

If you like cats, dogs, or both, Kudzu Monster has you covered! These valentine printables feature a variety of different cute puppies and kittens. You simply download the file after you purchase it, and then you can print as many as you want!

Golden Retriever Puppy Classroom Candy Holder valentines cute image 1

Golden Retriever Valentines Candy Hugger

This Golden Retriever is sporting a red bandana along with the yellow fur. I gave this lil guy some chocolate gold coins to hold, but any small candy would work!

Cute Pug Puppy Classroom Candy Holder valentines cute dog image 1

Pug Valentines Candy Hugger

Pugs and kisses for all! Curly pug tails are included of course. just tape a candy or small toy on it and seal it with the pugs paws. You could also put the pup in a plastic bag and make it hug a cookie! That goes for all of the dog and cat huggers on this list.

Corgi Dog Valentine Printable Welsh Corgi Puppy Non Candy image 1

Corgi Valentines Hugger

These orange corgis are dressed cozy for February with their red jackets and scarfs. the dog with the scarf is also sporting some smart looking glasses! These are 4.5" wide x 7.4" tall.

Weenie Dog Valentine Printable Dachshund Puppy weiner dog Non image 1

Weenie Dog Valentines Pencil Hugger

Weenie dogs (or dachshunds) are absolutely adorable! These fellas can hug pencils, a themed eraser, and much more! like the corgis, these are approximately 4.5" wide x 7.4" tall.

Bulldog Puppy Classroom Candy Holder valentines English image 1

Bulldog Valentines Hugger

English Bulldogs are especially love-a-BULL. These cute valentines cards feature some bulldog pups rocking spiked red collars. they're ready to hug a little valentine gift of your choice!

Frenchie Puppy Classroom Candy Holder valentines french image 1

Frenchie Valentines Candy Hugger

Ooh la la! These frenchies have berets, mustaches, and lots of love to give! Oui, these puppies can hug candy or chocolate and would make a great valentine for an animal lover or a fan of all things French.

Orange Cat Classroom Candy Hugger valentines cute striped cat image 1

Orange Cat Valentines Candy Hugger

Not a dog person? What about an orange tabby cat with stripes and glasses? This kitten would be a purrrrfect valentine for a cat lover! Once you purchase the file you can print as many as you want! print enough for an entire classroom if you'd like.

Pink Cat Valentine Classroom Candy Hugger valentines cute image 1

Pink Cat Valentines Hugger

Take the valentines-ness up to another level with a PINK cat! this kitten thinks you're PAW-some. You could have it hug a Milky Way (or any milk chocolate) to emphasis the feline fun of it.

Hairless Cat Valentine Classroom Candy Hugger valentines cute image 1

Hairless Cat Valentines Hugger

Hairless cats are adorable! These kittens have bright green eyes, glasses, and lots of cute wrinkles. One cat is cream, and the other is grey with splotches.

Set of 3 printable foldable kitten favor bags for image 1

Valentines Kitten Favor Bags

and finally, this trio of foldable kitten goodie bags are perfect for small valentines party favors or valentines gifts. They come in 3 different colors: orange, brown, and color point. The Bag is 3.5" tall x 2.5" wide x 1 " deep, the total size with the head and tail attached is 5" tall x 4.5".

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy coupon code KUDZUBLOG for 20% OFF all printable products!

Tiffany Everett

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