Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I open the .zip file I downloaded?

A: Happy to help!  On a Mac, you can simply double click the .zip file to expand it.  On other systems, you right-click the file and select "unzip contents".  That will create a new folder next to the original .zip file bearing the same name.  Your files are in that folder!  

Q: Can I use your super-cute graphics to create products for sale?

A: If you purchase a clip art set, you can incorporate those graphics into your design and list it for sale.  If you use my clip art, be sure to credit my hard work in your product's description.  Alternatively, you may purchase a "no credit required" license.  View full TERMS OF USE here.

Please note that my printables (my cards, party decor, valentines, party favors, etc . . .) are for personal use only.  



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