Printable Valentine's Day Party Decor and Favors

No Valentine's Day party is complete without decorations, goodie bags, and individual card receptacles! So, I've created instant-download printable versions of all kinds of V-day party supplies so you can DIY to your heart's content.

Valentine's Day Party Kit

Printable valentine's day party kit
This kit comes with all the essentials: a 'Happy Valentine's Day' banner, A-Z banner letters so you can spell custom messages, cupcake wrappers, and cupcake toppers. Coordinating your cupcakes and your wall hangings is a serious pro-level party planning move.

'Happy Valentine's Day' Mason Jar Label and Tag 

Printable valentine's day mason jar label and tag


These printable mason jar labels and tags can be used many different ways: you can welcome your guests to the party with a mason jar full of their favorite cocktail (adults only obviously) or candies, or you can make candles or other mason jar crafts as a party activity and have guests label their own creations, or if it's a party for kids, they can make valentines jars for their parents. So many options!

Assorted Valentine's Day Mason Jar Labels and Tags

Printable valentine's day mason jar labels and tags
These mason jar labels and tags are all created with a turquoise, pink, and red theme - so they can match your cupcakes and wall hangings for absolute party mastery! As with the previous item on this list, this variety pack of mason jar labels and tags can be used for many different party purposes.

Valentine Chevron Goody Bag

Printable valentine's day chevron goody bag
Everyone knows that the best parties are the ones where you receive a goody bag. With these printable goody bags, you can get crafty preparing them or have guests fold and fill their own as a party activity.

Valentine Spaceship Goody Box

Printable valentine spaceship goody box
Have some STEM enthusiasts on your guest list? These spaceship goody boxes are not only a fun puzzle to construct, but they can also then be filled with treats for your future astronauts.

Valentine Kitten Goody Bags

Printable valentines kitten goody bag
This instant download comes with three different kitten designs so you can fold up a whole menagerie of cat-themed goody bags. Write recipients' names on the kittens' heart tags or write a longer message on the back.

Unicorn Valentine Box Kit

Printable unicorn valentine box kit
Almost as fun as receiving lots of candy and Valentine's Day cards is designing and decorating your own valentine receptacle, which is why I've created several different printable kits that are designed to be used with any type of shoebox that you have on hand. This unicorn kit comes with various horn, eye, nose, and hair options so each party guest can customize their own unicorn box. 

Stegosaurus Valentine Box Kit

Printable stegosaurus valentine box kit
No worries if unicorns aren't your thing - I've got plenty of different options, including this stegosaurus. Customize your stegosaurus box with the choices included in the kit or add your own flair with ribbons, sequins, glitter, rhinestones, and any other craft supplies you have on hand.

Raccoon Valentine Box Kit

Printable raccoon valentine box kit
This raccoon has dressed up for the party with a dapper bowtie - no one will call him a trash panda today!

Pug Valentine Box Kit

Printable pug valentine box kit
Next in our menagerie of valentine boxes is this ridiculously cute pug. You can make this pug as cool or glamorous as you'd like with the variety of features in the kit.

Penguin Valentine Box Kit

Printable penguin valentine box kit
Make your penguin valentine box as wild as you are by using different colors of paper to wrap your shoebox and then accessorizing.

Owl Valentine Box Kit

Printable owl valentine box kit
These box kits can also be used with gift bags or even paper lunch sacks as well if you don't have a shoebox on hand. The options are limitless!

Narwhal Valentine Box Kit

Printable narwhal valentine box kit
All animals are welcome at the Valentine's Day party - including narwhals ;)

Fox Valentine Box Kit

Printable fox valentines box kit
What does the fox say? In this case, happy Valentine's Day!

Cat Valentine Box Kit

Printable cat valentine box kit
Last but not least, we have a cat valentine box or bag kit. Match these boxes with the kitten goodie bags earlier on this list for a very feline Valentine's Day!

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Tiffany Everett

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