25 Printable Candy Hugger Valentines

After the events of the last year, I think we could all use a hug and a sweet treat on Valentine's Day, so I've put together a list of 25 of my most popular DIY printable candy hugger cards. They are available in a few different sizes and formats, but they are all designed to 'hug' a treat in a some way.

1. Alien Hugger Valentine

Printable alien hugger valentine
These cute little aliens can hold any kind of candy or treat, but Milky Ways are both delicious and delightfully punny! Aliens...from the Milky Way...get it? ;)

2. Cat Hugger Valentine (Set of 4)

Printable cat hugger valentine
Hey all you cool cats and kittens, this valentine combo pack is for you! It comes with four different cat hugger designs so you can mix it up a little bit.

3. Dinosaur Hugger Valentine (Set of 3)

Printable dinosaur hugger valentines
This fearsome combo pack features punny T. Rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl huggers. Each dinosaur comes in two colors so you really get 6 unique cards!

4. Porpoise Hugger Valentine

Printable porpoise hugger valentine
Like all my hugger designs, these porpoises can hold a small piece of candy or a fun toy like a small container of bubbles or a cute eraser. They can also be packaged in a small plastic bag with a cookie or other type of homemade goodie for an extra special treat.

5. Llama Hugger Valentine

Printable llama hugger valentine
These well-dressed llama huggers are in a different format - they are designed to 'hug' a fun-size bag of Skittles or M&Ms with all four of their legs. This type of design will require the use of an X-acto knife to cut along the lines.

6. T. Rex Hugger Valentine

Printable t rex hugger valentine
This is yet another format of hugger - this friendly T. rex can hold a pencil, pixie stix, a glow stick, a sucker, or a small candy bar. Again, this type of hugger will require an X-acto knife to cut along the lines. Depending on what you want the dinosaur to hug, you can cut the slits to different sizes.

7. Sea Turtle Hugger Valentine

Printable turtle hugger valentine
Whoa dude, share some righteous Valentine's Day vibes with these little sea turtle huggers.

8. Bulldog Hugger Valentines

Printable bulldog hugger valentine
These pups have the classic bulldog underbite and tough-guy collars, but we all know they are really just love-a-bull softies!

9. Bunny Hugger Valentine

Printable bunny hugger valentine
This printable comes with two adorable matching bunny designs. Bunnies might traditionally be associated with Easter but there's no reason we can't have a 'hoppy' Valentine's Day as well!

10. Chinchilla Hugger Valentine

Printable chinchilla hugger valentine
We can only hope to one day be as cool as this chin-chillaxer. Just look at those shades!

11. Corgi Hugger Valentine

Printable corgi hugger valentine
These two corgis are very dapper in their Valentine's Day sweater and scarf. Such distinguished puppers!

12. Duck Hugger Valentine

Printable duck hugger valentine
I mean...have you ever seen anything cuter than these duckies?!

13. Ferret Hugger Valentine

Printable ferret hugger valentine
Next up in our menagerie of animal valentines are these blushing ferrets offering punny declarations of love. 

14. Fox Valentine Huggers

Printable fox hugger valentine
These adorable foxes are keeping it simple with a classic "Happy Valentine's Day" message.

15. Hedgehog Hugger Valentine

Printable hedgehog hugger valentine
Hedgehogs sometimes get a bad rap for being prickly and sharp, but they are actually SO cute and friendly. Look at those little feet!

16. French Bulldog Hugger Valentine

Printable french bulldog hugger valentine
Oui oui, French is one the most elegant romance languages! Especially when delivered by a Frenchie with a beret and dapper mustache.

17. Giraffe Hugger Valentine

Printable giraffe hugger valentine
These heart-covered giraffes are designed to hold a fun-size bag of candies in their loooong legs.

18. Pug Hugger Valentine

Printable pug hugger valentine
These cutesy pugs sport pink glasses and a precious pink bow. Don't worry, if you aren't into pink and bows, I've also got a more neutral pug hugger.

19. Guinea Pig Hugger Valentine

Printable guinea pig hugger valentine
No menagerie would be complete without the perennial favorite, the guinea pig!

20. Hamster Hugger Valentine

Printable hamster hugger valentine
And of course, we've got to include hamsters to round out the rodent family.

21. Horse Hugger Valentine

Printable horse hugger valentine
HAY all you horse lovers, here's a candy hugger valentine for you!

22. Koala Hugger Valentine

Printable koala hugger valentine
Turn any kind of long skinny treat or toy into a eucalyptus home for these adorable Valentine's Day koalas.

23. Lion Hugger Valentine

Printable lion hugger valentine
These lions say "Happy Valentine's Day" to everyone except Carole Baskin (she definitely killed her husband).

24. Manatee Hugger Valentine

Printable manatee hugger valentine
These bashful little sea cows just want to give you a hug and a candy! They considerately decided candy is a better offering for humans than their preferred treat of fish. Good call guys.

25. Otter Hugger Valentine

Printable otter hugger valentine
Did you know that otters hold hands when they are sleeping to avoid drifting apart from their friends? Now that's a true friend.

If you didn't see your favorite animal on this list, don't worry - there are more species and breeds available on my website, including owls, pandas, penguins, various cats and dogs, polar bears, a robot (not an animal I know, but still an option!), sloths, tigers, more dinosaurs, unicorns, and more!

Whew, if you made it through all 25 of these huggers, you deserve a prize. Use code "KMVALENTINE" to get 10% off anything in the Kudzu Monster shop!
Tiffany Everett

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