12 Unique Non-Candy Printable Valentines

Christmas is over which means it's time to think about Valentine's Day, right?! Okay maybe we skipped over New Years a bit, but it's never too early to start planning for V-Day. Plus, these 12 DIY printable valentines will help you keep your healthy New Years resolutions - there's no candy involved!

1. Army Valentine

Printable non-candy army valentine
This printable valentine comes with two versions, so you can either print it on kraft paper or you can print it on white card stock with a faux kraft paper texture. Use twine or camo tape to attach a toy soldier to these punny valentines. 

2. Bath Bomb Valentine

Printable bath bomb non-candy valentine
After the year we've all had, what could be better than a relaxing bath? Treat your family and friends to their favorite bath bombs and some self-care time this Valentine's Day.

3. Blowfish Valentine

Digital download blowfish non-candy valentine
This adorable little pufferfish can hold punny goodies like bubblegum (sugar-free gum doesn't count as candy right?) or small containers of bubbles. You can make slits above and below the pufferfish's fin, use a hole punch and twine, or use colorful tape to attach whatever kind of small treat you choose.

4. Jellyfish Slime Valentine

Printable jellyfish non-candy valentine
If you're a dedicated DIYer, you can make your own custom slime for these cute little jellyfish to hold - add sparkles and coloring to make the slime extra Valentines-y. You can find little containers for cheap at places like Party City, then simply dole out your slime, attach the slime cup to the printable card with some ribbon and tape, and finish it with the circular printed piece.

5. Lego Valentine

Printable DIY lego topper non-candy valentine
Provide hours of entertainment with a small baggie filled with legos. You can only eat candy once but you build lego masterpieces infinite times!

6. Socks Valentine

Printable socks non-candy valentine
One can never have too many pairs of cozy socks! You can wrap this digital download band around inexpensive novelty socks (I found the ones in the picture at Target for $1) or for a true sock connoisseur you can go for some high-quality wool socks.

7. Octopus Valentine

Printable octopus non-candy valentine
This valentine can be given as-is with a few fish-related toys taped on or in the octopus's tentacles, or you can make it into a goodie bag with a handful of goldfish crackers. Cute and delicious, but without the sugar!

8. Orange Valentine

Printable orange non-candy valentine
This one really checks all the boxes for a non-candy valentine: punny, easy, delicious, AND healthy!

9. Paintbrush Valentine

Printable paintbrush non-candy valentine
Any kind of small art supplies would work well with this card, but I found these perfect miniature watercolor sets at Party City! Just use tape or a ribbon to attach them.

10. Whoopee Cushion Valentine

Printable whoopee cushion non-candy valentine
Let's get real, whoopee cushions are never NOT funny...

11. Skateboard Valentine

Printable skateboard non-candy valentine
Remember those mini finger skateboards from the 90s? Well, they are still around and still fun - and they aren't nearly as dangerous as real skateboards! These printable valentines are perfect for the sk8er bois (and girls) in your life. Yes, that was an Avril Lavigne reference.

12. Lip Balm Valentine

Printable lip balm non-candy valentine
You can never have enough lip balm in the wintertime, and who doesn't love a good pun? Use an X-acto knife to cut slits in this card to hold a tube of chapstick.

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Tiffany Everett

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