New 2022 Halloween Printables part 2

Kudzu Monster has new printables out for Halloween! Here are a few of the many new items we have for the spooky season.

Cute Black Cat  Witch Broom Pencil Holder  Kawaii Halloween image 1

Cat Witch Pencil holder

This kitty's here to add some magic to your Halloween goods! This and the two following items are made for pencils or pixie sticks. Put in your little gift as the broomstick and hand them out in a classroom, or for trick or treat. 


Printable Ghost on Broom Card Glow Bracelet or Pencil Holder image 1

Ghost Witch Pencil Holder

here's fa-boo-lous ghost,


Cute Fox Witch on Broom  Glow Bracelet or Pencil Holder  image 1

Fox Witch Pencil Holder

...And here's a fabulous fox!


Printable Pumpkin Sucker Covers  Cute Jack-o-lantern Lollipop image 1

Pumpkin Candy Cover

These sweet orange pumpkins are here for your sweets! Put them on a sucker or lollipop for an extra festive touch.

Zombie Pug Halloween Hugger for individually wrapped candy or image 1

Zombie Pug Hugger

Pugs can be zombies?! Apparently so! These cute green guys are made to hug a small toy, eraser, or candy, like the next two items on this list.


Printable Alien Hugger Milky Way Space Monster Card INSTANT image 1

Alien Huggers

Maybe sometimes the supernatural is just extraterrestrial! these aliens are excited to take place in our earthling halloween festivities.


Printable Owl Witch Candy Hugger  Halloween Card  image 1

Witch Owl Huggers

Who doesn't love owls? these spooky birds are dressed up as witches and are ready to have a haunting night! 


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Check out Kudzu Monster’s entire Halloween printable collection here.


Tiffany Everett

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