New 2022 Halloween Printables Part 1

Kudzu Monster has new printables out for Halloween! Here are a few of the many new items we have for the spooky season.


Printable Cute Witch Glow Stick or Pencil Holders  Instant image 1

Witch Pencil Holder

These green witchy ladies are ready to hop on their brooms and fly through the Halloween night sky! Pencils or glow sticks fit the broom handle slot.


Printable Headless Horseman Halloween Sucker Holders  Small image 1

Headless horseman sucker holder

Give the caped headless horseman (and his haunted pumpkin) a sucker or lollipop so he's not entirely headless.


Printable Cut Bat Halloween Hugger Cards  Glow stick Glow image 1

Bat Huggers

Bats, the essential Halloween critter! These winged little guys are here to hold a pencil, glowstick, or pixie stick. 


Printable Raven Halloween Hugger Cards  Glow stick Glow image 1

Raven Huggers

Raven party favor holders, I'm sure Edgar Allen Poe would be proud. As with the bats above, these black birds hold anything around the size of a pencil.


Printable Ghost Sucker Covers  Cute Halloween Lollipop image 1

Ghost Sucker Covers

These cute ghosts are for suckers or small lollipops. glue the two ends together and add these haunting fellas to your trick or treat basket!


Printable Zombie Character Sucker Covers  Funny Halloween image 1

Zombie Sucker Covers

These Zombies aren't after brains, they want suckers! These goopy green dudes wrap around Dum Dums or lollipops like the ghosts above. 


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Check out Kudzu Monster’s entire printable collection here.


Tiffany Everett

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