Printable Halloween Candy Bag Labels

Candy is a crucial part of Halloween. These printable Kudzu Monster labels are made for bags of treats. Staple them on to a ziploc bag filled with sweets and hand them out to classmates, trick or treaters, or party guests!


INSTANT DOWNLOAD Halloween funny Pumpkin Poop Treat Topper image 1

Pumpkin poo candy bag Label

A silly pumpkin poop label. I used candy corn, but any orange or chocolate candy would work!


INSTANT DOWNLOAD Halloween Zombie Treat Topper Combo Pack image 1

Zombie set candy bag label 

Zombies! This topper set comes with for different labels, all relating to your favorite green, undead monster. The theme for this one is pretty versatile, so nearly any candy would fit!

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Halloween zombie grave yard tombstone Treat image 1

RIP candy bag label

Add a terrifying touch to some Reeses pieces with this tombstone label. 


INSTANT DOWNLOAD Halloween Snake Skin Unique Treat Topper image 1

Snake skin candy bag label

snakes are definitely pretty spooky, pair some sour belt bites up with this label and hand out some snake skin to guests or classmates.


INSTANT DOWNLOAD Halloween witch warts Treat Topper Candy Bag image 1

Witch warts candy bag label

Witches are the queens of halloween. put this label on a bag of chocolate candy and complete the classic, creepy old witch vibe.

 INSTANT DOWNLOAD Halloween Frankenstein Face Treat Topper image 1

Frankenstein's monster candy bag label

this iconic movie monster is chomping down on alllll of the candy. 

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Halloween Unicorn Funny Treat Topper Candy image 1

 Unicorn droppings candy bag label

Unicorns celebrate halloween too! put some skittles or nerds in this bag and give out some magical droppings!


ZOMBIE Unicorn Printable Party Favors Treat Toppers Creepy image 1

Zombie unicorn candy bag label

A zombie unicorn is like, the ultimate Halloween combo. Lure them out with some colorful, sweet bait!

 INSTANT DOWNLOAD Halloween funny Devil's demon Poop Treat image 1

Devil poop candy bag label

some red hots or hot tamales are a great fit for this devious little label.

I hope you have a sweet and spooky Halloween! enjoy coupon code KUDZUBLOG for 20% OFF all printable products!

Tiffany Everett

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