Mother's Day Masterpieces

Mother's Day Masterpieces

I've been dreaming up some fun printable kid's activities for Mother's Day.  I wanted to make something that would be easy to print but leave lots of room for personalization and imagination!  

This succulent and cactus printable starts out as a 2 piece file.  Get out the finger paint and let the kids add their personal touch, attach the flower pot after the paint has dried, cut to 8x10 using the provided trim marks, and frame!  

This coloring card printable is interactive and reads "Thanks for helping me GROW".  Simple instructions for assembly are included with the file.  It also comes with an optional coloring envelope!

Use an ink pad or fingerpaints to finish off the leaves on this frame-able print.  Children could also color in the flowers if they'd like!



I adore lightning bugs.  I have missed them so much since moving away from the southeast.  This firefly and mason jar printable activity would be perfect to give any southern momma!  Adding yellow or orange thumbprints on top of each bug and string light makes them glow!

You've got to BEE the best mom ever!  Cute bumble bee printable art activity.  After the paint is dry, go back over the bee stripes with a black sharpie for a finishing touch.

There's just something about dandelions!  This simple black and white printable could be customized with so many color finger prints!

A fun and intricate coloring card "I know I am the best kid ever because you're the best mom ever!".

Possibly the biggest compliment you could get from a kid? I love you more than ice cream!  I have a coloring card that folds open into a heart shape or an 8x10" artwork activity.

Super hero mom coloring activity sheet

Find lots more Mother's Day Printables Here!

Thanks for reading!  If you post an image of your kid's Mother's Day Masterpiece, I would love to see it!  Tag me @partywithtiffany

Happy Mother's Day!

Tiffany Everett

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