20 Fresh Printable Valentines for 2020!

I have lots of new cute printable valentine designs for 2020!  I have also started a new product collection of Valentine Box Decor Kits that I am super excited about. 

20) Narwhal Valentine Box Printable Decor Kit 

Introducing Valentine Box Decoration Kits from Kudzu Monster!  I am having so much fun thinking of ways to transform a regular old shoe box into something imaginative and eye catching for Valentine's Day!  This narwhal is my first design and I am in love with it!  He has a 3D horn, flippers, a tale, and kids can write their name on the water coming out of the mail slot / blow hole!

19) Valentine Nose and Mustache Tag for Heart Shaped Sunglasses

I love a pair of rose colored glasses! This simple nose shaped gift tag printable just wraps around the glasses for a fun groucho marx look! Find toy sunglasses at Party City or the Dollar Store!

18) Owl Valentine Box DIY Kit

This owl printable kit can be used to decorate a valentine mailbox or gift bag! The 3D nose is simple to create with the included printable files and adds a lot of personality!

17) Rainbow Unicorn Mermaid Friendship Bracelet Card

This year I had the idea that some girls might love giving out handmade friendship bracelets for Valentine's Day so this is a cute girly printable card to hold their creations!

16) T Rex Fossil Valentine Box Print At Home Decoration Download

This valentine box kit comes with several pages of options to personalize your T Rex fossil. Click the link above to see all the included pages.

15) Pink Flamingo Pencil or Sucker Holder Cards

I took a recent trip to Florida for my birthday and was inspired to create some flamingo valentines! You'll see in the photo, I added clear glue and iridescent glitter plus rhinestone stickers to add some optional sparkle!

14) Pug Valentine Box Downloadable Decor Pack

My pug hugger cards are a best seller each year so I decided to make an instant download valentine box decor kit to match! This kit also comes with options to make the pug girly.

13) Ukulele Treat Topper for Dried Pineapple (or any candy!)

I play the uke for fun and a ukulele valentine was long over due!

12) Raccoon Printable Mailbox Kit for Valentine's Day

This little guy was inspired by the fox valentine box decor kit you'll see below! The download includes lots of pages with options like sunglasses, different eyes, and more! If you click the photo below, you'll see some of the possibilities.

11) Horse Clothespin Puppet Valentines

These printable horse valentines are simple to make. Just hot glue the cut out pieces to a regular household clothespin. As an option, have the horse bite a small candy like a jolly rancher.

10) Cat Valentine Bag or Box Decor Pack

9) Zombie Nose Picker Pencil Valentines (or for pixie sticks/ honey sticks)

8) Cute Woodland Fox Printable Decor Kit for Valentine's Box

7) Dragon Pencil / Sucker Cards

6) Penguin Valentine Box Print From Home Decorations

5) Thumbs Up Emoji Friendship Bracelet Holder

4) Stegosaurus Dinosaur Valentine Shoebox Decor Kit

3) Sweet T Rex in a Sweater/ Scarf Pencil Holders

2) Unicorn Valentine Box Decorations Kit with Lots of Personalization Options

1) Printable Dinosaur Hugger Pack with T Rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl Cards


Tiffany Everett

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