Feelin' Lucky with these St. Paddy's Printables

 A list of instant download St. Paddy printables.  Just click any image to find the download information!

7 lucky st patrick's day printables

7) This one is probably my favorite in the St. Patrick's Day collection.  This little guy prints in all black and white, then you slice two slits on the dotted guide lines, and insert a few crayons.  And just like magic, you have a sweet and fun activity for kids on St. Paddy's.

6) Who doesn't love RAINBOWS!?! This simple heart shaped card reads, "I'm So Lucky To Know You" and holds a single sucker or pencil.

5) There's something even better than gold waiting at the end of the rainbow . . . CUPCAKES!  This cupcake kit has little dancing leprechauns, rainbows, and gold pots to sit your cupcakes in.  As a bonus, I have included little treat boxes that would be perfect for popcorn!

4) These printable kitty cats are the perfect little card to give out some single wrapped candies this St. Patrick's Day!

3) Any opportunity to celebrate friendship is one I want to take!  These cute little gold pots hold a single gold chocolate coin.  Dotted lines indicate where an adult should slice to insert the candy, then just put a piece of tape on the back of the card to make sure the coin stays put!

2) The fox is my spirit animal so I consider them lucky!  Check out this St. Patrick's Day spin on one of Kudzu's all-time best selling candy huggers.

1) I'm over the rainbow for you!  These cards hold a standard size Skittles or M&M bag.

Wait, there's more!

I also made this deluxe St. Paddy's Party Kit with lots of fun printables.  It includes banners, photo booth props, coloring sheets, leprechaun candy huggers, and more!


Tiffany Everett

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