Delicious Non-Candy Printable Valentines

For some people, the key to their heart is a little bit more savory than sweet - or at least not just pure candy. Luckily, I've made some digital download, printable products that fit the bill of delicious non-candy valentines.

Outdoorsy Trail Mix Valentine Variety Pack

Printable outdoorsy trail mix valentine variety pack
These outdoorsy-themed treat toppers are perfect to pair with savory trail mix - or throw in some M&Ms or conversation hearts to make the goodies sweeter and more Valentines-y! Just staple these foldable toppers onto prepackaged bags of trail mix or create your own mix and package it in treat bags from Party City.

Popcorn Valentine

Printable popcorn valentine
These printable valentines are designed to be wrapped around a bag of microwave popcorn - simple, delicious, and adorably retro!

Cheeseball Valentine

Printable cheeseball valentine
These treat toppers print 6 to a page and measure 3.2 x 1.7 inches after folding. I used 3 x 4 inch Mini Clear Treat Bags from Party City in the photo above, and you can stuff them with your favorite cheeseballs or cheese puffs for a delicious treat. Print as many toppers as you need to make valentines for everyone on your list!

Pringles Valentine

Printable pringles valentine
These Pringles snack pack toppers are easy, quick, and make for a delicious and unique Valentine's Day treat! They print 6 to a page so you can print out a bunch, cut them out and address them, and then attach them to a Pringles snack pack with a piece of tape or dot of glue. Plus, then your recipients can make a duck bill out of chips which is obviously a must when eating Pringles.

Donut Valentine

Printable donut valentine
Okay so donuts are still sweet, but they aren't technically candy! And when's the last time you got a donut valentine?! Stand out from the candy crowd with these fun donut tags on a small baggie of mini donuts.

Dump Truck Valentine

Printable dump truck oreo valentine
Make some delicious wheels for the dump truck with Oreos or chocolate covered mini donuts. These are also good non-romantic valentine options for anyone who doesn't want to get too lovey dovey - or catch cooties!

Monster Truck Valentine

Printable monster truck valentine
As with the dump truck design, you could use Oreos or mini donuts to make the monster truck's tires. Use a sheet of cellophane taped on the back of the card or a sandwich baggie with the zipper and excess taped behind the card for a clean look.

Roller Skate Valentine

Printable roller skate valentine
Finally, we have a roller skate donut valentine option. I also have a black and green skate valentine design for those who aren't into pink and rainbows.

Fish Bowl Valentine

Printable fish bowl valentine
Obviously, these valentines make the most sense for classmates, but they could also be given to family and friends. Fish probably have their family members and friends within their schools right?! These cards can also go either savory or sweet - use Goldfish or Swedish Fish depending on the recipient's tastes.

Jaws Valentine

Printable jaws valentine
These shark cards can be given as is, or you can step it up a tasty notch and put them in treat bags with some fish - again either Goldfish or Swedish Fish would make sense here.

Nautical Valentine Variety Pack

Printable nautical valentines variety pack
This digital download comes with three different nautical themed valentines that are designed to be made into treat packs with Goldfish.

Octopus Valentine

Printable octopus valentine
This cute little octopus can hold Goldfish in his tentacles! Just cut along the dotted lines with an X-acto knife and slide the fish into place.

Orange Valentine

Printable orange valentine
The truly health-conscious can pass out these naturally sweet and delicious orange valentines! The digital download comes with a valentine that goes in a bag with the orange plus a gift tag to tie on as well.

Salty & Sweet Valentine

Printable salty and sweet valentine
Maybe you don't want to fully commit to savory treats - these salty & sweet treat toppers allow for a perfect (and tasty) compromise! There are many different combos that work well here: chocolate dipped pretzels, pretzels/popcorn and conversation hearts as pictured (or use M&Ms instead of hearts), trail mix, salted caramels, etc. etc.

Smart Cookie Valentine

Printable smart cookie valentine
These valentine treat bag tags are perfect for your kids' teachers - or for parents who are pulling double duty homeschooling and/or supervising remote learning this year on top of everything else. You can use animal cookies as shown or homemade cookies for an extra special treat.

Ukulele Valentine

Printable ukelele treat topper valentine
Bring some tropical vibes to this Valentine's Day with these ukulele treat toppers - fill treat bags with dried tropical fruits like mangos, pineapples, or bananas for a naturally sweet and healthy snack!

Yeti Freezer Pop Valentine

Printable yeti freezer pop valentine
While freezer pops could probably be described as liquid candy, they are technically popsicles which is a totally different category and a perfect way to close out our list of delicious non-candy valentines. Just look at how friendly and cute this yeti is!

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Tiffany Everett

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