Candy Valentine Printables for Valentine's Day 2021

Valentine's Day 2021 is almost here! I've rounded up some of my tastiest candy valentine printables for you - simply download the file after your payment clears, print as many copies as you want right from home, and add delicious treats! Valentine's Day prep: handled.

Alien Candy Hugger Valentine

Printable alien candy hugger valentine
These friendly little intergalactic travelers come bearing delicious gifts! Simply print them out (they print two to a page) and use a piece of clear tape to make their arms 'hug' a piece of candy. Milky Ways are particularly punny because, you know, outer space! If aliens aren't your jam, I've got tons of other similar candy hugger designs featuring other types of creatures - ducks, sloths, cats, dogs, dinosaurs, unicorns, robots, foxes, socially distant polar bears, etc. etc.

Bacon Candy Valentine

Printable bacon candy valentine
Honestly, who doesn't love bacon? Or candy that looks like bacon? Or the ultimate treat, candied bacon?! Print these miniature skillets and tags on card stock for the best results and add your 'bacon' in a small plastic bag. 

Gum Ball Machine Candy Valentine

Printable gumball machine candy valentine
Similar to the bacon valentine, this is another one to cut out and add candy in a little baggie - obviously gum balls make the most sense here, but you could use other round chewy candies if you prefer.

Instant Film Camera Candy Valentine

Printable instant film camera candy valentine
This instant download file actually includes two sizes so you can use a variety of different candies: Fun Dips, Pop Rocks, or even a flattish candy bar. Although is there anything more delightfully nostalgic for the 90s than polaroids and fun dips?!

Llama Candy Valentine

Printable llama candy valentine
Accessorize this cute llama valentine with a candy necklace and then enclose the whole thing in a baggie to keep things sanitary while you pass them out. These cards are designed to fit perfectly into a snack-size baggie and you can fold the zipper part over and tape it in the back for a clean look.

Monster Kiss Candy Valentine

Printable monster kiss candy valentine
This digital download file comes with four different monster designs that are all made to have chocolate lips attached for the mouth. These offer fun variety if you are giving out a ton of Valentine's Day cards!

Rock n Roll Candy Valentine

Printable rock n roll candy valentine
These rock n roll valentines are super easy to mass-produce because they print eight to a page and they just need to be cut out and stapled to a bag of pop rocks. Boom, done.

Narwhal Candy Valentine

Printable narwhal candy valentine
Honestly, I do forget that these sea unicorns are real sometimes...such strange creatures. These magical cards print two to a page and require an X-acto knife to cut a slit for the 'horn' and a piece of tape on the back to hold it in place.

Octopus Candy Valentine

Printable octopus candy valentine
These nautical valentines can be paired with swedish fish or other under-the-sea candies. Cut slits with an X-acto knife to put some individually wrapped 'fish' in the octopus's tentacles and/or make it a bonanza with a handful of treats in a plastic baggie.

Love Bugs Candy Valentine

Printable love bugs candy valentine
Nothing says 'I love you' like a jar of worms! If you really wanted to get buggy you could put chocolate covered grasshoppers in a baggie with this valentine but like, ew... Probably best to stick with gummy worms!

Platypus Candy Valentine

Printable platypus candy valentine
Give these flamboyant platypi suckers or pixie stix to hold in their bills by making small cuts with an X-acto knife. These Valentine's Day cards are punny and super unique!

Raptor Candy Valentine Topper

Printable raptor candy valentine topper
I'm just saying, if Chris Pratt passed out valentines, he would probably choose these since he is a master raptor wrangler! These candy toppers are designed to be printed, folded, and stapled onto the top of a standard sandwich or snack baggie full of treats. The back of the topper has a place to write who the valentine is to and from. I've got a wide variety of similar treat toppers available that feature other animals and creatures.

Saturn Candy Valentine

Printable saturn candy valentine
This digital download has two versions of a Saturn sucker holder valentine: one reads "I liked it so I put a ring on it" and the other reads "You're out of this world!" Make slits with an X-acto knife to put the sucker in the planet rings and use a small piece of tape to hold it in place.

Rainbow Color Sorting Candy Heart Valentine

Printable rainbow color sorting candy heart valentine
Put a new spin on the classic conversation heart candies with this rainbow color sorting and counting activity. These cards fit into standard sandwich baggies - just cut them out and add enough conversation hearts to complete the rainbow!

Flamingo Candy Valentine

Printable flamingo candy valentine
Use a sucker or pixie stix to create the flamingos other leg for this card! You can either use a drop of hot glue to attach a sucker or cut a slit to put in pixie stix. Glam these flamingos up with glitter, stick-on rhinestones, ribbons, and more!

Astronaut Candy Valentine

Printable astronaut candy valentine
This astronaut traveled all the way from the milky way to bring you a Milky Way! Now that's love. You can tie on a piece of candy with a ribbon as shown or use a piece of tape to affix it to the card.

Check out the rest of my printable valentines as well on my shop! I've got more candy valentines, non-candy valentines, easy-to-mail valentines, coloring valentines, and more. Take 10% off your order with code: KMVALENTINE


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