Printable Mother's Day Cards and Gifts

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and if there was ever a year where moms deserve a little extra recognition and appreciation, it's this one! Fortunately, I've got dozens of instant-download, printable Mother's Day cards and gifts available so you can let all the moms in your life know you love them.

Growing Flower Coloring Mother's Day Card

Coloring Mother's Day Growing Flower Card
This cute interactive card has a flower that slides up to "grow" taller. This is a perfect option for young kids to color, although an adult should help with cutting along the dotted line to make a slit for the flower. This card comes with a colorable DIY envelope as well for an extra personal touch.

Mother's Day Framable Dandelion Finger Paint Activity

mother's day framable dandelion finger painting activity
This print is another perfect craft for kids, as they can add their personal flair with finger paint or ink pads. Put the finished print in a pretty frame for a beautiful lasting gift for Mom!

Printable Mother's Day Coloring Flower Bouquet Card

Printable Mother's day flower bouquet coloring card
This digital download comes with three version: pink, blue, and black and white. When the bouquet card is opened flat, it's the shape of heart! The name place is left blank so kids can write in whoever they want to honor on Mother's Day. I've also got a specific 'Mom' and 'Grandma' version of this card available.

Framable Mother's Day Succulents Art Project

Printable mother's day succulent art project

Kids can complete this adorable succulent scene with a handprint cactus and some fingerprint flowers. The furthest right pot is printed separately so it can be glued in place after the handprint is dry. This is another piece that can be framed and enjoyed for months!

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Kit

Mother's Day breakfast in bed kit

Go all out on Mother's Day with this full set of breakfast in bed swag! It includes a card and foldable envelope, a "#1 MOM" bunting banner, foldable flower templates with leaves, a door knob hanger, a paper napkin wrapper, a foldable menu, a "brewed with love" tag for a coffee or tea cup, a cupcake wrapper, a circular cupcake or pastry topper, and a food topper banner that reads "Best Mom Ever!" I've also got a similar set in blue and yellow available.

Funny Mother's Day Card from Spouse

Funny mother's day card from spouse

This Mother's Day card is obviously meant to given from a spouse ;) The printable card comes with a matching envelope and is blank inside so you can write a custom message. I also take custom orders, so I can print an inside joke or a personal message inside if you'd like!

Framable Mother's Day Bicycle Art Project

Printable framable mother's day bicycle finger painting art project

This is another print masterpiece option for kids to complete! Use finger paint or an ink pad to create fingerprint balloons, and kids can also color the bicycle and flowers for an extra pop. 

Printable Mother's Day Pop-Up Bear Card

Printable mother's day pop up bear card

This colorable Mother's Day card has super-cute pop-up mama and baby bears. To construct the card, color all the components, cut them out, and then attach the bears to the slitted portions with double-sided tape or glue. The download comes with a matching colorable envelope as well.

'Home Is Wherever Mom Is' Mother's Day Card

Home is wherever Mom is mother's day card

This printable card speaks the truth: home is indeed wherever Mom is! This digital download comes with a card that's blank inside and a matching envelope.

Printable Super Hero Mother's Day Craft

Super hero mother's day craft

This super hero Mother's Day craft can be filled in with any female role model's name, whether it's Mom, Grandma, or Stepmom. And really, who doesn't appreciate being compared to a super hero?! Kids can color in the hero and the kid, as well as fill in the description blanks.

 Framable Mother's Day Bee Art Project

Printable framable mother's day bee art project

This framable bee Mother's Day craft for kids is adorable and easy to print and decorate from home! Just use some yellow or gold ink or paint to complete the cute bumblebees.

Printable Mother's Day Bath Bomb Gift Tag

Printable mother's day bath bomb gift tag

This digital download comes with small and large gift tags as the perfect accompaniment to a bath bomb. Treat Mom to a relaxing day!

Mother's Day Corgi Flower Holder

Mother's day corgi flower holder

These cute little corgis can hold flowers, candy bars, pixie stix, and other small treats for Mom. Adult supervision suggested to cut the slits above and below the corgi's front legs.

Mother's Day Ice Cream Cone Coloring Card

Mother's day ice cream cone card

This card is in the shape of an ice cream cone and folds open to the shape of a heart! Kids can color in the ice cream cone to represent Mom's favorite flavor. Yum!

Printable Beer Mother's Day Card

Printable beer mother's day card

This beer card is perfect for older kids or spouses to give to moms, and it comes with a cute matching envelope. I can also customize the text if you'd like it to include an inside joke!

I also have dozens of other printable Mother's Day gifts and cards available on my website - including more colorable cards, framable art projects, and card/envelope sets. Check out all of my Mother's Day printables!

Tiffany Everett

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