8 Wild Animal Valentines Candy\pencil hugger Printables

What do sea creatures, jungle animals, and pink bats all have in common? They're all here to help you celebrate Valentines day! These 8 instantly downloadable printables are candy and pencil huggers, and feature a variety of cute critters!

Sea Turtle valentine candy hugger cute Valentine's instant image 1

Sea Turtle Valentines Candy Hugger

Valentines is a great time to come out of your shell! these teal turtles will tell a valentine they're TURTLEY awesome. This is a great card for an ocean lover.

Axolotl Valentines  Printable Pencil/Pen Hugger Cards  Cute image 1

Axolotl Valentines Hugger

This sweet salamander is a bright pink. It's surrounded by bubbles and can hug a pencil or marker. Simply download the file after purchase, and then print!

Manatee valentine candy hugger cute Valentine's sea cow Be image 1

Manatee Valentines Candy Hugger

Manatees are fully aquatic creatures, and these Manatees are fully adorable! This mammal asks "will you be mine-atee?", and how could anyone say no? these manatees can hug a candy or chocolate between their flippers.

Printable cute tiger Candy or gift Hugger valentines animals image 1

Tiger Valentines Candy Hugger

Complete with stripes and signature orange fur, these cool cats aren't just any cat: they're tigers! A tiger cub would make for a super cute classroom handout.

Grey Wolf Classroom Candy Holder valentines cute animals hug image 1

Grey Wolf Valentines Candy Hugger

These wolves are anything but big and bad. they're cute grey pups with lots of love to give! they can hug a candy, chocolate, or small toy. just don't let the wolves have the chocolate!

Printable cute Lion Candy or gift Hugger valentines animals image 1

Valentines Lion Candy Hugger 

Tell someone they're the MANE event with these orange lion cards! they can hold candy, chocolate, a small toy, and more. just secure them with tape! 

Printable Panda Bear Candy or gift Hugger valentines animals image 1

Panda Valentines Candy Hugger

Tell someone you care with a panda bear! these valentines are huggers and can hold a small candy or item, they'd make a great valentines party favor. 

Bat Valentines Pencil/Pen Holder cards  Printable Cute Pink image 1

Bat Valentines Pencil Hugger

Some animals simply deserve more love than they get! These bats will hang off of a pencil or marker. They come in blue and pink. After you purchase the file you can print as many as you like!

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Tiffany Everett

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