21 Easy-to-Mail Printable Valentines

This year we may not get to celebrate Valentine's Day with the normal in-person classroom, workplace, and family parties, so I've put together a list of my easy-to-mail printable valentines. With these digital downloads, you can still safely remind your friends, family, and loved ones that you care about them!

1. 3D Cat Mail Craft Kit Valentine

Printable mailable 3D cat craft kit valentine
This mailable kit doubles as a Valentine's Day card and a fun little craft for recipients - they get to construct and accessorize the cat and display their creation in front of a cozy cafe backdrop. The craft kit prints on three pages of printer paper (use card stock for best results) and includes the backdrop which doubles as a card, two 5x7 sheets with all the pieces to construct the cat, and one 5x7 instruction sheet with a reference image. The kit is designed to fit into a standard A7 envelope for easy mailing!

2. 3D Fox Mail Craft Kit Valentine

Printable mailable 3D fox craft kit valentine
I've also got an adorable fox version of this craft kit! As soon as your payment clears for these kits, you can instantly download the files and print as many as you want to send to all your loved ones. Even an inexpensive home printer can handle printing these kits on card stock.

3. 3D Raccoon Mail Craft Kit Valentine

Printable 3d raccoon mail craft kit valentine
A friendly winter raccoon rounds out this 3D craft kit series of printable valentines.

4. Chocolate Tic Tac Toe Valentine's Day Card

Printable chocolate tic tac toe valentine's day card
I've also got some more traditional Valentine's Day cards available in my shop. This one has a fun twist - it doubles as a tic tac toe game board and comes with a sheet of mini 'chocolate' Xs and Os to cut out and play with!

5. Plesiosaurus Valentine's Day Card

Printable plesiosaurus valentine's day card
This punny printable Valentine's Day digital download comes with both the card and a cute foldable envelope design. 

6. T Rex Valentine's Day Card

Printable t rex valentine's day card
This excited T. Rex skips arm day every day, but he still wants to show how much he loves you! This digital download also comes with the card as well as a foldable envelope.

7. Dinosaur Valentine's Day Card

Printable dinosaur valentine's day card
Technically, there's no way to disprove that 'rawr' means 'I love you'...we'll go with it! Like the other dinosaur cards in this collection, this one comes with a matching foldable envelope.

8. I Love You Soy Much Valentine's Day Card

Printable i love you soy much valentine's day card
Do you and your boo go together like sushi and soy sauce? Well, here's the printable card and envelope set for you!

9. I Love You Mower Valentine's Day Card

Printable dad joke valentine's day card
Not into romantic sentiments? Opt for a classic dad joke with this lawn mower Valentine's Day card and envelope set.

10. Submarine Valentine's Day Card

Printable submarine valentine's day card
Show your love with this pun-derwater Valentine's Day card and envelope set (sorry, couldn't help myself).

11. Zombie I Chews You Valentine's Day Card

Printable zombie I chews you Valentine's Day card
Even zombies start to feel romantic around Valentine's Day...

12. Zombie I Love You For Your Brains Valentine's Day Card

Printable zombie i love you for your brains valentine's day card
This little zombie even came prepared with dead flowers!

13. Zombie My Love For You Will Never Die Valentine's Day Card

Printable zombie my love your for you will never die valentine's day card
Profess your eternal love zombie style with this card and envelope set. As they say in Game of Thrones, "what is dead may never die!"

14. Zombie You Have My Heart Valentine's Day Card

Printable zombie you have my heart valentine's day card
Can zombies be described as cute? Well, this one sure can.

15. Owl Mailbox Valentine's Day Card

Printable owl mailbox valentine's day card
This flat card comes with a mini card and envelope to stash inside the mailbox graphic, and the whole thing fits in an A7 envelope. It's like card inception!

16. Paint Brush Valentine's Day Card

Printable paint brush valentine's day card
Reach out to your artistic friends with this paint brush card and extra art supply cut outs. Mail them out in a standard A7 or classic #9 envelope.

17. Hot Air Balloon Valentine's Day Card

Printable hot air balloon valentine's day card
I also made a series of balloon cards since they are flat enough to mail easily and still provide a fun little treat. All of the balloon cards fit into an A7 envelope.

18. Snot Balloon Valentine's Day Cards

Printable snot balloon valentine's day card
Perfect for kids to send to each other or for friends of any age, these snot joke cards are sure to get a laugh. Choose a snot-colored balloon for best results!

19. Dog Balloon Valentine's Day Card

Printable dog balloon valentine's day card
You can turn a red or pink balloon into a cute puppy tongue with this card!

20. Dino Egg Folding Surprise Valentine Variety Pack

Printable dino egg folding surprise valentine variety pack
These folding cards show an unhatched egg when the recipient first pulls it out of the envelope and then reveal a hatched baby dinosaur when they unfold it! They measure 5x3.5 when folded and 5x7 when opened and they have dotted lines to show you where to fold. This variety pack includes a t. rex, pterodactyl, and longneck dinosaur, and each design is also available for individual sale.

21. Dino Egg Folding Surprise Coloring Page Valentine Variety Pack

Printable dino egg folding surprise coloring page valentine variety pack
I also made colorable editions of the dino egg folding surprise designs! This variety pack includes a longneck, triceratops, pterodactyl, and t. rex and again each of those is available for individual sale as well. These are great for young kids to color and send to grandparents or other family members, or you can send a few crayons or colored pencils along with the card as a fun activity.

I've also got tons of other printable valentine digital downloads that can be mailed with a gift card or cash in place of candy to keep them flat and not require extra postage. Take 10% off your next order with code: KMVALENTINE
Tiffany Everett

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