8 Christmas treat party favor printables

One of the best parts of Christmas is the treats! The cookies, the chocolate, the coco, all of it! Here are some cute Printables for sweets and party favors.

Printable Christmas Party Favor  Santa stuck in chimney  image 1

Santa Chimney Party Favor

Bad news: Santa's stuck in the chimney (Again) Good news: These printable chimney boxes hold treats like popcorn and make a great party favor!

Printable Santa Cookie Card for Macaron Oreo or small treat image 1

Santa Cookie Card

An Oreo, Macaroon, or cookie of any type is a great treat to give Santa Clause for this holiday card.

Printable Reindeer Chow treat bag topper  Christmas party image 1

Reindeer Chow Party Topper

A bag topper saying "reindeer chow" Perfect for a trail-mix or other snack food.

Printable Fudge Gift Tags  Oh Fudge Polar Bear and Brown Bear image 1

Oh Fudge! Gift Tag

These grizzly and polar bears are bundled up Christmas sweaters and are ready for some fudge!


Printable hot cocoa kit treat bag topper  Christmas party image 1

Hot Cocoa Bag Topper

Whether you prefer marshmallows or whipped cream on your hot chocolate, this bag topper works! It features a Santa and Snowman mug, give a make your own coco-kit to a friend and wish them a cozy Christmas!

Printable Christmas Gift Tags  Cat Dog Bear and Bunny  image 1

Animal Gift Tags

These cute critter gift tags make a adorable addition to any Christmas present or party favor! they feature a cat, a dog, a bear, and a bunny.

Reindeer Droppings Hugger Funny Christmas Candy Holder Card image 1

Reindeer Droppings Funny Hugger

These reindeer have a...surprise for you. pair any chocolate candy with this hugger for silly sweet treat.

Saturn Space Comet Reindeer Christmas Lollipop Sucker Holder image 1

Reindeer planet card

A space-lovers bound to love this "Reindeer In space" Card. Attach a lollipop to make a planet for Comet to orbit!

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Tiffany Everett

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