7 Mother's Day Animal Coloring Sheets

Mother's day is about to be here! These printables all feature different types of animals. Choose a favorite and then a kid can color it in for a fun, creative Mothers Day Activity.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Mother's Day Card Coloring page giraffe image 1

Giraffe Coloring Sheet

For the mom who's a high achiever, a giraffe! This color-in card has a baby giraffe looking up to it's mamma. The card reads "Mom, I've always looked up to you, happy Mother's Day!". 

Fox Den Home is where mom is cute illustrated INSTANT DOWNLOAD image 1

Fox Coloring Page

For the mom who's fabulous and foxy, a fox! This card depicts a fox mother and child outside of their den. It reads "Home Is Where The Mom Is". It comes with a print for a heart patterned envelope.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Mother's Day Card Coloring page T Rex image 1

T-Rex Fossil Coloring Page

For the tough mom who's bad to the bone,  a T-rex! Well, a T-rex skeleton anyway. This dino is holding a heart in it's tiny Tyrannosaurus arms, and the card reads "Mom, You Make My Heart SAUR"

Sloth Coloring Mother's Day Card INSTANT DOWNLOAD Cute image 2

Sloth Coloring Page

For the mom who deserves a nap, a sloth! This easygoing mammal is hanging out and is here to let mom know that it's ok to take a break, slow down, and branch out!

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Mother's Day Card Coloring page penguin image 1

Penguin Coloring Page

For the mom cool as ice, a penguin! This chill bird is floating on an iceberg that reads "I flippin' love you" like with all of these cards, the interior is left empty for a personalized message.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Mother's Day Card Coloring page turtle image 1

Sea Turtle Coloring Page

For the mom who's go with the flow, a sea turtle! The shell has lots of pretty patterns to color in. This card is perfect for a ocean or beach lover.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Hummingbird Mother's Day Card Humming image 1

Hummingbird Coloring Page

For the mom who's always busy, a hummingbird! This print has lots of feathers, and a few flowers to color in, this card's a great way to remind mom that she's the sweetest!

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Tiffany Everett

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