7 Instant Kids Table Activities For Thanksgiving


     Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to get together with family, but that comes with a lot of planning, coordination, and let's be honest, a little stress. Getting the turkey carved, casserole a golden brown, and the mashed potatoes mushy, but not too mushy, is no simple feat.

Once all that goodness is on the table it's time for that hard work to pay off, but keeping track of the little ones can take some time away from that sweet, sweet cranberry sauce. One easy way to let the kids table stay civil is to give the kiddos something to do while they wait for their food.

That's where our instant downloads for the Thanksgiving Kid's Table come in. Here are some easy ways to keep the kiddos occupied at the Thanksgiving table, even just for a little bit, that take no time at all.

1.Printable Turkey Puppet Coloring Activity

Paper Bag Turkey Puppet On Table

Let the little ones color their own turkey puppet with this instant download. Just print and cut out the accessories and let the kids do the rest. Made to be used with regular sized brown lunch bags, feathers, beaks, and eyes are ready to be taped or glued to a brown paper bag for a quick and easy craft. 


2. Printable Turkey Puppet Activity

Turkey Puppet Made From Brown Paper Bag 

Even easier than the coloring version, this cute turkey puppet activity is ready to be printed and put together in no time flat. Made to be used with regular brown lunch bags, cut out and tape or glue accessories to made your own turkey puppet for the kids to play with basically mess free.


3. Thanksgiving Printable Placemat Activity Coloring Sheets

Kids Table Coloring Activity


It doesn't get easier than printing out cute placemats for the kids to color at the table. This instant download comes with 5 different designs including tic tac toe, connect the dots, and even a squirrel maze!


4. Thanksgiving Printable Turkey Coloring Mask


This instant download coloring turkey mask is the ticket for a fun thanksgiving kid's table activity. Let the little ones get creative with these fun turkey masks and give the grandparents a giggle when they sneak up behind them for a little surprise.


5. Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page Crayon Hugger


When it's time for the kids to sit at the thanksgiving table, these little turkeys will be waiting with some crayons to give the little ones an outlet for some creative energy.


6. Printable Thanksgiving Activity Book for the Kids Table


This instant download coloring booklet is perfect for keeping the kids occupied. Full of 8 fun activities, this booklet includes a word jumble, coloring pages, connect the dots, and more.


7. Printable Thanksgiving Pie Slice Banner

An easy way to liven up the kid's corner or the whole dining room, these pie slice bunting flags add some fun, festive flair. This instant download comes with blank pie slices, as well as a "thankful" set.


However you decide to celebrate, take some time and let everyone you celebrate with how thankful you are!

Tiffany Everett

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