26 Brand New Valentines for 2021

I'm excited to share these 26 all-new, super-fresh printable 2021 Valentine's Day cards with you! This past year has been strange and hard in many ways, but that doesn't mean we still can't share a little love and joy with our friends and families this Valentine's Day.

1. Social Distance Polar Bear Hugger Valentine

Social distance polar bear hugger valentine
In lieu of real bear hugs, send those outside your immediate household an adorable, quarantine-approved polar bear hug! These responsible polar bears have cute pink V-day masks covering their noses and mouths and you can have them 'hug' a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, a piece of candy, or a small toy.

2. Social Distance Panda Bear Hugger Valentine

Printable social distance panda bear hugger valentine
These panda bears are also taking all the proper precautions with their masks and social distancing. 

3. Social Distance Fox Hugger Valentine

Printable social distance fox hugger valentine
These foxes share the mantra of the times: spread love, not germs. 

4. Social Distance Hugger Valentine Variety Pack

Printable social distance hugger valentine variety pack
Can't decide which COVID-conscious hugger you like best? This variety pack gives you all three for a bargain!

5. Mailable 3D Cat Valentine Craft Kit

Printable 3D Mailable Cat Valentine Craft Kit
These all-new mailable craft kits are a perfect alternative to typical candy-filled valentines that are passed out in classrooms, since many classes are no longer meeting in person. These craft kits double as a card where you can write a personalized note and they provide some Valentine's Day fun and decor for recipients! The kit comes with three printable letter-size pages, all of which are designed to be folded and/or cut down to 5x7 inches to fit in standard A7 envelopes. Page one is a folding card with one side that becomes the cat's background scene and one side that's blank for you to write a message, page two is two 5x7 cards with all the pieces needed to assemble and accessorize the cat, and page three is a simple instruction sheet with a reference picture.

6. Mailable 3D Raccoon Valentine Craft Kit

Printable mailable 3D raccoon valentine craft kit
This mailable raccoon valentine craft kit has the same components as the cat kit, but with a different character and a romantic snowy background. These kits work best when you print them on 110-pound index card stock (available at Office Max or other office supply stores) so that the characters and the backgrounds stand up straight. 

7. Mailable 3D Fox Valentine Craft Kit

Printable mailable 3D fox valentine craft kit
Last but not least in this 3D mailable series we have this adorable fox with a cute cardinal couple in the background. As with the rest of the kits, print it on heavyweight paper for best results - even an inexpensive home printer can handle 110-pound card stock.

8. Chocolate Tic Tac Toe Valentine's Day Card

Printable chocolate tic tac toe valentine's day card
This mailable valentine comes with a printable 5x7 card as well as a sheet with 'chocolate' Xs and Os to cut out and use to play tic tac toe! Both pages print on regular letter-size card stock paper and are designed to be cut down to 5x7 to fit into standard A7 envelopes.

9. Paintbrush Valentine's Day Card

Printable paintbrush valentine's day card
This instant download paintbrush card is perfect for artistic friends and family members! You can even make it a card set with several other V-day themed cut-outs, including a pencil, pencil sharpener, and eraser. The whole set is designed to fit into a standard A7 envelope.

10. Robin Valentine

Printable robin Valentine's day card
I'm also stoked to introduce a punny birding card series this year! These cards can hold a variety of treats including pencils, pixie stix, glow sticks, friendship bracelets, and more.

11. Wren Valentine

Printable wren valentine's day card
Next up in the birding series is this cute little wren! These heart-shaped cards are simple but versatile.

12. Sparrow Valentine

Printable sparrow valentine's day card
Look out for Cupid Sparrows - they may cause affection, love, and romance ;)

13. Birding Valentine Variety Pack

Printable birding valentine's day cards variety pack
Get the whole flock for a killer deal with this birding variety pack!

14. Hot Air Balloon Valentine

Printable hot air balloon valentine
These cloud-shaped hot air balloon valentines won't run your printer dry of ink but they are still bright and fun! Make a slit along the dotted line with an X-acto knife and pull a ballon through to complete the picture.

15. Booger Balloon Valentine

Printable booger balloon valentine
This printable valentine is perfect for kids who are more into booger jokes than romance! The digital download actually comes with four different colors and two different messages so you can mix it up.

16. Dog Balloon Valentine's Day Card

Printable dog balloon valentine
This cute little puppy Valentine's Day card can be sent as-is or you can cut a slit and make a 'tongue' out of a pink or red balloon! It fits into an A7 envelope for easy mailing.

17. Snot Balloon Valentine's Day Card

Printable snot balloon valentine's day card
Snot jokes are never not funny, and this one is perfect for middle schoolers who can't be seen as too eager or sappy on Valentine's Day! This digital download comes with two different color schemes.

18. Pterodactyl Folding Surprise Valentine

Printable pterodactyl folding surprise valentine
These folding valentines show a dinosaur egg at first glance but when unfolded, they reveal a hatched baby pterodactyl for a cute surprise! The card measures 5x7 when unfolded and 5x3.5 when folded. There are dotted lines that show you where to fold for an easy but unique card.

19. T Rex Folding Surprise Valentine

Printable t rex foldable surprise valentine
Next up in the punny folding surprise valentine series is this friendly little T rex! 

20. Brachiosaurus Folding Surprise Valentine

Printable brachiosaurus folding surprise valentine
And no dinosaur series would be complete without the classic "long neck" brachiosaurus. These cards channel a little bit of The Land Before Time energy into Valentine's Day!

21. Dino Egg Folding Surprise Valentine Variety Pack

Printable dino egg folding surprise valentine variety pack
Get all three dinosaur species for a bargain with the variety pack digital download!

22. Pterodactyl Folding Surprise Coloring Valentine

printable pterodactyl folding surprise coloring valentine
These colorable cards can either be colored and sent as a personal valentine or distributed with a few crayons or colored pencils as a Valentine's Day activity. The design is simple to color and suitable even for young children.

23. Triceratops Folding Surprise Coloring Valentine

Printable triceratops folding surprise coloring valentine
I also have a colorable triceratops available - again suitable even for young kids to color and send to loved ones.

24. Brachiosaurus Folding Surprise Coloring Valentine

Printable brachiosaurus folding surprise coloring valentine
And of course I have a colorable long neck design...

25. T Rex Folding Surprise Coloring Valentine

Printable t rex folding surprise coloring valentine
...and finally a T rex!

26. Dino Egg Folding Surprise Coloring Valentine Variety Pack

Printable dino egg folding surprise coloring valentine variety pack
As with the other collections, I'm offering all four colorable dinosaur designs in one bargain variety pack. Great if you have multiple kids or lots of people to send valentines to!

Thanks for checking out my brand new 2021 Valentine's Day designs! I have dozens of other designs from years past available on my shop as well. Get crafting with 10% off your purchase using code: KMVALENTINE
Tiffany Everett

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