Printable Party Favors and Thank You Cards

Thank your party guests for coming with a cute printable party favor or thank you card! Many of these favors are designed to hold candy or other small treats. They are all instant downloads and you can print as many copies as you need right from home.

Unicorn Skittles Party Favor

Printable unicorn skittles party favor

These unicorn thank you cards measure 6x7 inches and are designed to hold a fun-size bag of Skittles or other brightly colored candy.

Unicorn Horn Party Favor

Printable unicorn horn party favor

Add a brightly colored twisty lollipop to this card to give the unicorn a beautiful horn. Cut a slit along the dotted line and tape the lollipop stick in place on the back of the card.

Zombie Unicorn Horn Party Favor

Printable zombie unicorn horn party favor

Going for a zombie unicorn party theme? End the event with a zombie unicorn party favor!

Dump Truck Party Favor

Printable dump truck party favor

Add 'tires' to the dump trucks with Oreos or Hostess Donettes and wrap the party favor in cellophane or seal it in a ziploc bag. Each party favor measures 3.5x4 inches.

Roller Skate Party Favor

Printable roller skate party favor

This roller skate favor also works best with Donettes or Oreos. I also have a white and pink version available.

Mason Jar Treat Bag Insert

Printable mason jar flower treat bag insert

Package this insert with some gummy worms, flower seeds, bug or flower toys, or any other small trinkets or treats for a cute party favor.

Fox Mason Jar Labels and Gift Tags

Printable fox mason jar label and gift tag

Create a cute homemade party favor with mason jars and these fox-themed labels and gift tags! You could fill the jars with cookie kits, cocoa kits, candies, or whatever else you want.

Unicorn Balloon Face

Printable unicorn balloon face

This kit comes with two different color ways so kiddos can make their own personalized unicorn balloon - a fun craft and a cute party favor!

Bath Bomb Gift Tags

Printable bath bomb gift tag

Send your guests on their way with a luxurious bath bomb! You can write a personal message on the back of the gift tag if you wish.

Fox Candy Hugger

Printable fox candy hugger party favor

 Give this fox a small toy or a piece of candy to 'hug' as a cute party favor.

Polar Bear Candy Hugger

Printable polar bear candy hugger party favor

Prefer polar bears to foxes? No problem!


Check out the rest of my birthday party printables and baby shower printables. Thanks for stopping by!

Tiffany Everett

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