Printable Animal Valentines

It's officially the new year which means it's almost Valentine's Day! Make your Valentine's Day prep a breeze with these printable animal-themed valentines - I've got all kind of animals available, including dinosaurs, cats, dogs, pandas, unicorns, flamingos, and so much more. These digital downloads are available immediately after payment clears, and you can print as many copies as you need right from home!

T Rex Valentine

Printable t rex valentine

These lovable little T Rexes can hug pencils, honey sticks, pixie stix, candy bars, lollipops, or other small candies or toys. Simply cut along the dotted lines to create a slit big enough for the treat.

Lion Valentine

Printable lion valentine

Give these lion valentines a small piece of candy to hug! Tape their arms closed over the treat so it stays in place.

Dinosaur Fossil Valentine

Printable dinosaur fossil valentine

This set of three fossil valentines can be printed on kraft card stock as shown in the photo, or you can print on white or another light-colored card stock. Use an X-acto knife to cut a slit along the dotted line and insert a lollipop or other small treat.

Panda Valentine

Printable panda valentine

These huggable pandas can hold candy, bubbles, toys, or any other small treat! 

Unicorn Valentine

Printable unicorn valentine

Okay, so unicorns are technically *mythological* animals, but that still counts! Give these unicorns a fabulous horn with a colorful twisty lollipop.

Flamingo Valentine

Printable flamingo valentine

These flamingo valentines come in two sizes as shown above - the bigger ones work well with pencils or larger suckers while the small ones work with smaller lollipops to give the flamingo a leg to stand on. You can decorate the flamingo with ribbon, glitter, jewels, and so forth for extra glam!

Yeti Valentine

Printable yeti valentine

Alright, a yeti might also be a stretch for the animal category, but here we are. This card is designed to be used with a freezer pop, but you could also use a candy bar or other treat.

Pug Valentine

Printable pug valentine

This pug valentine comes with two options: one that reads 'pugs & kisses' as shown in the photo, and one that reads 'Happy Valentine's Day.' I also have a non-pink version available.

Ducky Valentine

Printable ducky valentine

These cute little duckies come with two versions: one with pink glasses and one with blue.

Cat Valentine

Printable cat valentine

Print as many copies of these cool cats as you need to hand out to the whole class! I've also got an orange cat, a pink cat, a kitten, and a combo pack of all of these cat valentines.

Sloth Valentine

Printable sloth valentine

These happy little sloths want nothing more than to hug a piece of candy!

Koala Valentine

Printable koala valentine

Give these koalas some 'bamboo' with a pencil, pixie stix, glow stick, or something similar.

Bulldog Valentine

Printable bulldog valentine

These love-a-bull bulldogs feature classic underbites and spiked collars. Looking for another breed of dog? I've got similar cards featuring pit bulls, dachshunds, golden retrievers, yorkies, frenchies, and rottweilers as well!

Woodland Creature Valentines

Printable woodland creature valentines

This combo pack of valentine cards includes an owl, a raccoon, a skunk, and a fox. And, of course, puns!

Llama Valentine

Printable llama valentine

These llama cards are designed to hold a fun-size bag of candy like M&Ms, Skittles, and so forth.

Snake Valentine

Printable snake valentine

Snakes might not be traditionally associated with cuteness or love, but that doesn't mean they don't celebrate Valentine's Day!

Fox Valentine

Printable fox valentine

What does the fox say? Happy Valentine's Day!

Narwhal Valentine

Printable narwhal valentine

Narwhals have gotta be one of the most improbable animals...a unicorn whale? Come on. Give this narwhal a horn with a twisty lollipop!

Chinchilla Valentine

Printable chinchilla valentine

If rodents are your thing, rest assured that I've got you covered for V-day! Besides these chillin' chinchillas, I've also got bunnies, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

Blowfish Valentine

Printable blowfish valentine

We're all about the unusual animals at Kudzu Monster, including this blowfish! Complete the joke with some bubbles or chewing gum.

Looking for another animal? I've got too many to list here, so be sure to check out my complete inventory of valentines for other animals, including hedgehogs, sea turtles, tigers, sharks, owls, bees, mammoths, platypus, squirrels, ferrets, porpoises, butterflies, birds, and more!

Tiffany Everett

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