Christmas Countdown: 12 DIY Printable Candy Cane Holders

Candy canes are the quintessential Christmas treat - they are both delicious and delightfully festive. Step up your Christmas treat game this year with some of these unique DIY printable candy cane holders! All are digital downloads, so you can print as many copies as you need right from your home. Or, you can print a different candy cane holder each day to provide a tasty 12 Days of Christmas countdown for the kiddos in your life!

1. DIY Printable Santa Nose Candy Cane Holder

Santa Nose Candy Cane Holder
We all know that Santa makes a list of who's naughty and nice, and that he checks it twice. Where he keeps his candy canes? Well, that's open to interpretation. This punny printable candy cane holder is sure to get a laugh. The digital download prints four to a page and requires an X-acto knife or box cutter to make the slit.

2. DIY Printable Komodo Dragon Candy Cane Holder

DIY Printable Komodo-Ho-Ho Candy Cane Holder
Komodo dragons are significantly less menacing when they arrive clad in a Santa hat and festive Christmas scarf, bearing a candy cane. If fact, this little guy is downright cute! These larger cards print two to a page.

3. DIY Printable Snake Candy Cane Holder

Digital download DIY printable snake candy cane holder
While snakes are not necessarily associated with Christmas, we don't discriminate! Show the reptile aficionados in your your life some love with these digital download snake candy cane holders.

4. DIY Printable Owl Candy Cane Holder

DIY printable happy owlidays candy cane holder
I mean...what's cuter than a teensy owl sitting on a candy cane branch?! This card also works for non-denominational holiday (or should I say owl-iday?) gifting.

5. DIY Printable Narwhal Candy Cane Holder

Digital download narwhal candy cane holder
This sleepy little narwhal has a peaceful, blunt-tipped tusk - but is it really Christmas until you've sucked a candy cane into a lethal-looking point and pretended to be a narwhal yourself? (Please don't send pre-licked candy canes to your friends though, that would be weird.)

6. DIY Printable Narwhal Candy Cane Holder - Option 2

DIY printable narwhal candy cane holder
Next up we have another narwhal, this time sporting some killer lashes and adorned with some bright Christmas lights. You can never have too many candy cane-tusked narwhals!

7. DIY Printable Pterodactyl Candy Cane Holder

Digital download pterodactyl candy cane holder
While the pterodactyls in Jurassic World are definitely on the naughty list, this friendly ambassador of the species comes bearing gifts! Plus, he's ready to sing some Christmas carols with his earmuffs and scarf.

8. DIY Printable Unicorn Candy Cane Holder

DIY printable unicorn candy cane holder
2020 may not have been all rainbows and unicorns but your holiday cards can be with this digital download!

9. DIY Printable Koala Candy Cane Holder

DIY printable koala candy cane holder
Give all your mates some Aussie Christmas cheer with these koala candy cane holders. Who's ready for a beach day?!

10. DIY Printable Whale Candy Cane Holder

DIY digital download whale candy cane holder
Although whales don't have a fun candy cane tusk like narwhals, they still don't want to be left out of the Christmas party! We all know whales are best carolers in the ocean - they don't call it whale song for nothing.

11. DIY Printable Sloth Candy Cane Holder

Digital download printable sloth candy cane holder
Slow-Ho-Ho down and enjoy the Christmas season this year with these precious little sloth candy cane holders.

12. DIY Printable Dino Candy Cane Holder

Printable DIY dinosaur candy cane holder
Last but not least, we have a very festive T. rex who is certainly capable of holding a candy cane in his short little arms, thank you very much. This Christmas card is sure to please all the dino-lovers on your list!
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Tiffany Everett

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