7 Printable Kids’ Table Coloring Activities for Christmas

Make the kids' table extra fun this year by providing a Christmas coloring activity! I've got digital download, printable Christmas crafts suitable for children of all ages to color. You can print as many copies as you want - some of the adults may want to join in too!

1. Reindeer Coloring Mask

This Christmas coloring activity is perfect for preschoolers. You can get the masks ready to go ahead of time - just print them on card stock paper, cut them out, remove the eye holes, and punch holes for the string. Thin elastic cord is perfect for making the strap. If you really want to get festive (i.e. messy) you can add glitter, rhinestones, tinsel, ribbons, etc. etc. Not only is this reindeer mask a fun coloring activity, it can then also create an adorable photo opportunity with your herd of reindeer kiddos!

2. Squid Coloring Ornament

This festive little squid Christmas ornament is a great craft for kids and parents to work on together, or to have younger and older children team up - the coloring portion is suitable for kids preschool age and older, while the actual construction of the ornament will likely require some older kid/adult assistance. Instructions are included with this digital download ornament template. 

3. Whale Coloring Ornament

This whale ornament digital download comes with both a pre-colored option and a DIY coloring option, plus several accessories for the whale like a Santa hat and a blowhole spray. This is another coloring activity that's best suited for kiddos preschool age and up, although some adult assistance may be necessary for the construction of the whale ornament - using a stapler is the easiest way to connect the tails. Customize your whale with jingle bells, bows, glitter, or anything else your crafting heart desires.

4. Coloring Christmas Ornament

This Christmas ornament template comes with two versions - one that's more detailed and suitable for grade school age kids who want to use markers or colored pencils, and one that's less detailed and designed for preschool age kids. FYI - it's easiest to color this ornament template before you cut it out!

5. Reindeer Crayon Hugger

If you don't want to set up an entire craft station at the kids' table, these little reindeer are perfect - you can pre-package each one with three or four crayons or colored pencils and hand them out to kids. This way, there's no fighting over craft supplies or any glittery messes.

6. Coloring Gingerbread House Treat Box

These foldable gingerbread house treat boxes have quite detailed designs, so they are best suited for grade school age kids and up. They will be the easiest to color with colored pencils or fine tipped markers. The little treat boxes can be used to hold Christmas candies or other yummy snacks once they are constructed.

7. Santa Crayon Hugger

This Christmas craft is similar to #5 on our list, but it features a happy little Santa instead of a reindeer. Simply give Santa a few festive colors of crayons to hold and it's an instant fun coloring activity for kids of all ages!
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Tiffany Everett

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