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Mother's Day Finger Paint Hedgehog Activity

$ 4.50

Let kids create a masterpiece for Mom with this printable as a starting point!
Use finger paint in lots of fun colors for this design! There is lots of negative space so kids can create their own pattern or add a personal touch! I am included a secondary file with light guides included in case you want to replicate the radial oval effect in the first image.

This cute hedgehog print reads:
"HedgeHUGS and Kisses"

The file is a simple black and white file set up on an 8.5x11" letter sized sheet with trim marks to cut down to a frame-able 8x10 inch personalized work of art. Click through the images to see what the file looks like before the finger paint as well as different looks you can create.

You can download the JPEG files and print copies for an entire classroom. This is a great craft for young kids for mother's day.

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