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Dog Candy Hugger Valentine Combo Pack

$ 11.50

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the PUPPY LOVE Valentine Candy Hugger Combo Pack.
5 PDFs are included:

1) "Pugs and Kisses" Candy Hugger
2) English Bulldog "You're so love-a-bull" Candy Hugger
3) Pit bull (2 different colors: grey and light brown) "Life would be the PITS with you" and "You're so love-a-bull"
4) French Bulldog "Frenchie Kisses"
5) Frenchie Candy Hugger "Oui, I'll be your Valentine"

Once you download the files, you can print as many as you want! Print valentines for the whole classroom. The valentine's cards are about 3.5 inches wide x 4 inches tall when arms are folded inward.

You can use any individually wrapped candy or small toy for this valentine card. Just tape down candy wrapper and use a small piece of tape to make the arms hug the the candy.
You can also wrap the whole valentine in plastic and put a small cookie in the arms.

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