Unique Printable Father's Day Cards & Activities

Father's Day is coming right up on June 19, 2022! Make this Father's Day extra-special with a unique printable card or activity - I have many different styles that feature themes including super heroes, animals, Hawaiian shirts, ice cream, dad jokes, dinosaurs, and much more.

Hawaiian Shirt Father's Day Card

Printable hawaiian shirt father's day card

Make Dad laugh with this Hawaiian shirt card - it's the official uniform of dads on vacation! I've also got a version that you can color in yourself to feature Dad's favorite colors.

Father's Day Activity Book

Printable father's day activity book

This book includes 8 different pages plus the customizable cover, so young children can fill in details about their dads. The cover is also personalizable, so the book can be for Dad, Stepdad, Grandpa, Papa, or anyone else that you want to celebrate on Father's Day.

Lightning Bug Father's Day Fingerprint Activity

Printable lightning bug father's day finger paint activity

Have the kiddos complete this masterpiece by adding colorful fingerprints to make the lightning bugs and string lights "glow," and then frame it for a nice keepsake!

Dandelion Father's Day Fingerprint Activity

Printable dandelion father's day finger paint activity

This activity can also be completed with brightly colored fingerprints. Use an ink pad or finger paints for best results!

Fishing Bears Father's Day Fingerprint Activity

Printable fishing bears father's day fingerprint activity

This printable comes with two versions: one with the sky and life ring already colored, and one that's entirely black and white so kids can color in the whole thing and add fingerprints for the fish.

Caterpillar Father's Day Fingerprint Activity

Printable father's day caterpillar fingerprint activity

And finally, I've got a caterpillar and butterfly fingerprint activity! Use bright colors to make the critters pop.

Suit and Tie Father's Day Card

Printable suit and tie father's day card 

This card features a 3D shirt collar and is completely colorable! It comes with a coordinated envelope template as well.

Ice Cream Father's Day Card

Printable ice cream father's day card

This card is shaped like an ice cream cone with it's folded and a heart when it's opened! It's blank inside so you can write a personalized message. I also have a colorable version.

Superhero Father's Day Coloring Activity

Printable superhero father's day coloring activity

This coloring activity can be addressed to Dad, Stepdad, Grandma, Papa, or anyone else that your kiddo wants to honor on Father's Day. This is a great classroom activity!

Dinosaur Father's Day Card

Printable dinosaur father's day card

This cute dinosaur card comes with a matching printable envelope template with a wild dinosaur print!


For more of my Father's Day printables, click here.

Tiffany Everett

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