Printable Mother's Day Finger Paint Art Activities

Mother's Day is coming up in just over a month (May 8, 2022) and it's not too early to start planning for the special day! With these printable finger paint crafts, you can download your file instantly after purchase, print as many copies as you need, and get the kiddos involved to create a personalized, sentimental keepsake for Mom, Grandma, and/or any other mother figure that you want to honor this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Dandelion Art Activity #1

Printable Mother's Day Dandelion Art Activity #1

This printable file includes the text as well as the leaf and dandelion outline. Kids (or adults!) can complete the image by using finger paints or ink pads to make fingerprints for the dandelion fluff and the leaf.

Mother's Day Dandelion Art Activity #2

Printable mother's day dandelion art activity #2

This is a similar print but with slightly different wording and different fonts. It comes with the following version: Mom, Nana, Mimi, Grandma, and Mum.

Mother's Day Fireflies Art Activity

Printable mother's day fireflies art activity

Complete this cute mason jar design with bright firefly fingerprints. You can also add some pops of color with fingerprints on the string lights!

Mother's Day Bee Art Activity

Printable mother's day bee art activity

Fill in the bees with yellow or gold fingerprints. You can frame any of these prints for an extra-special gift - they are designed to print at 8x10 inches.

Mother's Day Ice Cream Art Activity

Printable mother's day ice cream art activity

Add colorful fingerprints to create Mom's favorite ice cream flavors - or make each cone different!

Mother's Day Succulent Art Activity

Printable mother's day succulent art activity

This art activity requires a little bit of assembly. Add a handprint to create the cactus on the right, plus some fingerprints for flowers wherever you like. Then cut out the blue pot and place it over the handprint to make it look like the handprint-cactus is growing out of it.

Mother's Day Glam Art Activity

Printable mother's day glam art activity

Complete the ball gown with fingerprints! You can do a layered rainbow as shown above or any pattern/colors that you desire.

Mother's Day Bike and Balloons Art Activity

Printable mother's day bike and balloons art activity

Use brightly colored fingerprints to make a bunch of balloons in any shape you choose.

Mother's Day Caterpillar and Butterfly Art Activity

Printable mother's day caterpillar and butterfly art activity

Complete the critters with fingerprints and add your own flair to the rest of the piece - there is plenty of room for creativity with this print!

Mother's Day Hedgehog Art Activity

Printable mother's day hedgehog art activity

Give this cute little hedgehog some flair with bright fingerprints. And again, you can get creative in the white space around the text and image.

Mother's Day Flower Wreath Art Activity

Printable mother's day flower wreath art activity

Keep this print two-toned by only adding green fingerprint leaves, or add bursts of color to the flowers as well.

Not seeing what you're looking for? Check out all of my Mother's Day printables here.


Tiffany Everett

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