Printable Halloween Masks

Whether you are looking for a last-minute costume, you're throwing a classroom Halloween bash, or you just want to create a fun look for passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, a printable Halloween mask can be the perfect solution! Check out these options:

Printable Plague Doctor Halloween Mask

printable plague doctor halloween mask

You can either print this mask out on white card stock, fold it into shape, and wear it as-is (shown on the right), or you can use the file as a template and create a deluxe mask out of materials like chip board and vinyl faux leather (shown on the left). You can punch holes in the temples and use string or elastic to hold it on.

Printable Kraken Halloween Mask

 Printable kraken halloween mask

Channel your inner sea monster with this kraken mask! Use an X-acto knife to cut out the eye holes.

Printable Werewolf Halloween Mask

Printable werewolf halloween mask

This werewolf mask features a 3D snout and fangs. Watch out for the full moon!

Printable Sugar Skull Halloween Coloring Mask

Printable sugar skull colorable halloween mask

Want to get extra creative? Color your own Halloween mask! Perfect for classroom parties or kids' Dia de los Muertos parties. This download comes with the two versions pictured above.

Printable Zombie Unicorn Halloween Mask

Printable zombie unicorn halloween mask

Can't decide between creepy and cute? Do both with this 3D zombie unicorn mask!

Printable Creepy Bat Halloween Coloring Mask

Printable creepy bat halloween mask

Color this creepy bat mask however you like - vampire teeth and all!

Printable Witch's Cat Halloween Coloring Mask

Printable witch's cat halloween mask

If spooky isn't your vibe, create an adorable custom cat mask featuring a star-studded witch's hat!

Printable Butterfly Halloween Coloring Mask

Printable butterfly halloween coloring mask

Or, opt for a beautifully colored butterfly mask! You can adjust where the string holes go to make these masks fit smaller or larger faces.

Printable Cat Halloween Mask

Printable cat halloween mask

This cat mask features lustrous black 'fur' and a 3D snout. Pair it with a black shirt and pants and you are all set!

Printable Owl Halloween Coloring Mask

Printable owl halloween coloring mask

Color in this owl mask for a beautiful, vibrant disguise! Print it on heavy card stock, especially if you'll be using markers to color the mask.

Printable 3D Owl Halloween Mask

Printable 3d owl halloween mask

Or, skip the coloring in favor of this cute little owl mask with a 3D beak!

Printable Werewolf Halloween Coloring Mask

Printable werewolf halloween coloring mask

Color your own custom werewolf mask with this blank template. Bare your teeth to complete the snarl!

Printable Unicorn Halloween Mask

Printable unicorn halloween mask

Go glamorous with this unicorn mask! Feel free to embellish with sparkles, jewels, ribbon, tinsel, etc.

Printable Bat Halloween Mask

Printable bat halloween mask

This spooky black and blue bat doesn't require any coloring!

Printable Mummy Halloween Coloring Mask

Printable mummy halloween coloring mask

Color in the brains and bandages on this mummy mask to make it extra spooky! You could even use puff paint to make extra-realistic blood drips!

Printable Fox Halloween Mask

Printable fox halloween mask

Bring your fox costume to life with this 3D mask!

Printable Frankenstein Halloween Coloring Mask

Printable frankenstein halloween coloring mask

And, of course, I've got a classic Frankenstein mask that you can color however you'd like!

Printable Halloween Coloring Mask Set

Printable halloween coloring mask set

Need masks for a whole classroom or a big party? I also sell them in sets, like this set of 8 coloring masks. It includes the owl, butterfly, Frankenstein, mummy, werewolf, witch's cat, bat, and sugar skull coloring masks from above.

Printable Halloween Mask Set

Printable halloween mask set

And finally, I offer this mask set which includes the owl, bat, werewolf, and cat masks.

Happy Halloween!

Tiffany Everett

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