Printable Candy Cane Holder Cards

Candy canes are a staple of the Christmas season, and this year you can spice up the presentation of your candy canes with an adorable printable candy cane holder card! Not a fan of candy canes? No worries, you can use a pretty Christmas pencil, other types of candy, or small toys instead. For each of these candy cane huggers and holders, simply purchase the item, download the file instantly, and print as many copies as you need!

T Rex Fossil Candy Cane Holder

Printable t rex fossil candy cane hugger

This card is perfect for a dinosaur enthusiast to bring to a classroom holiday party! Just have an adult cut the slits in the card and use a piece of clear tape to hold the candy cane in place.

Unicorn Candy Cane Holder

Printable unicorn candy cane holder

Brighten up the holidays with a little unicorn magic! Tape the unicorn's "horn" into place on the back of the card so it stays in position.

Sloth Candy Cane Holder

Printable sloth candy cane hugger

Give this cute little sloth a branch to hang on by adding a candy cane, pencil, etc.

Koala Candy Cane Holder

Printable koala candy cane hugger

Celebrate Christmas Aussie-style with this cute little koala. Who said the beach can't be festive?!

Wiener Dog Candy Cane Hugger

Printable weenie dog candy cane hugger

These festive wiener dogs would be honored to distribute candy canes on your behalf! This download comes with the two wiener dogs as pictured above, plus there's an additional file with no text.

Narwhal Candy Cane Holder

Printable narwhal candy cane hugger

Give this Christmasy narwhal a festive horn with a brightly colored candy cane! I've also got another narwhal hugger with a heart background available.

Owl Candy Cane Holder

Printable owl candy cane hugger

There is nothing cuter than a tiny owl perched on a candy cane! 

Santa Nose Candy Cane Holder

Printable santa nose candy cane holder

Bring some humor to the holidays with this 'Santa Nose' card! It's designed to be used with mini candy canes.

Pug Candy Cane Hugger

Printable pug candy cane hugger

Give these cute little pugs a mini candy cane or other small piece of candy to hug. Simply tape their 'arms' closed over the treat!

Komodo Dragon Candy Cane Holder

Printable komodo dragon candy cane holder

Do Komodo Dragons celebrate Christmas? Well, they do now!

Corgi Candy Cane Hugger

Printable corgi candy cane hugger

This file also comes with two versions: the two corgis as pictured above, plus another version of both dogs without text. Simply make a small slit with an X-acto knife and slide a candy cane into their arms!

Pterodactyl Candy Cane Holder

Printable pterodactyl candy cane holder

This pterodactyl has a special delivery for dino lovers!

Pitbull Candy Cane Hugger

Printable dog candy cane hugger

These pitties just want to wish you Happy Howlidays and give you a small token of their love!

Snake Candy Cane Holder

Printable snake candy cane holder

What's that? You've never seen a snake-themed Christmas card before? Well now you have! 

Whale Candy Cane Holder

Printable whale candy cane holder

And finally, we have a singing, candy-cane-bearing whale! What could be more festive?

Tiffany Everett

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