Mailable Instant Download Valentine's Day Cards

It's not too late to send out Valentine's Day cards! Snag some of my instant download, printable cards - you can print them right at home or have them printed at a local print shop like Staples or UPS. Some even come with matching envelopes! Write a personal message, add a stamp, and drop them right in the mail. I've got all kinds of themes, from silly to serious, cute animals to zombies, and so much more.

Colorable Baby Dinosaur Eggs Valentine's Day Card Set

Printable dinosaur egg foldable valentine's day card

These cards are designed to be colored by kiddos and then folded so that the egg opens to reveal a baby dinosaur when the recipient unfolds it! This combo pack includes 4 different designs, although they are available for individual purchase as well.

Baby Dinosaur Egg Valentine's Day Card Set

Mailable dinosaur egg valentine's day card

I've also got a pre-colored set of the dinosaur egg cards available if you'd rather not color them yourself! Each card is sold individually as well as in this set of four.

Life SNOT Fun Without You Valentine's Day Card

Life snot fun without you valentine's day card

This punny card is designed to fit into a standard A7 envelope and it pairs perfectly with a balloon, which won't make the envelope lumpy or too heavy. It comes with a pink version and a black version as shown above.

3D Raccoon Valentine's Day Card

Printable 3d raccoon valentine's day card

This mailable card is designed to be sent flat in an A7 envelope, and then the recipient can assemble the raccoon character and place it in front of the backdrop for a cute piece of Valentine's Day decor. It comes with an instruction sheet so your valentine will know exactly what to do!

3D Cat Valentine's Day Card

Printable 3d cat valentine's day card

I also have a cat version of the 3D mailable card! You can write a handwritten message on the backside of the backdrop.

3D Fox Valentine's Day Card

Printable 3d fox valentine's day card

This cute little fox completes the trio of 3D mailable cards!

Puppy Tongue Valentine's Day Card

Printable dog balloon tongue valentine's day card

You can send this card as-is or make a slit and add a 'tongue' with a pink or red balloon. The card is designed to fit perfectly in an A7 envelope for easy mailing.

Art Supplies Valentine's Day Card

Printable mailable art supply valentine's day card

This foldable paintbrush card comes with a few extra accessories that can be cut out and included in the envelope for a fun touch. The whole set fits into A7 or #9 letter envelopes.

Owl Mailbox Valentine's Day Card

Mailable owl valentine's day card

This 5 x 7 card is flat and comes with a mini card that you can fill in and decorate however you'd like! Then slide it into mailbox by making a slit. The whole card fits into an A7 envelope.

Plesiosaurus Valentine's Day Card

Mailable plesiosaurus valentine's day card

This funny card comes with a matching envelope template that you can print and fold! The card measures 4 x 5.5 inches.

Pug Valentine's Day Card

Printable pug valentine's day card

This pug card is blank on the inside so you can write your own message, and it comes with a matching printable envelope.

Anchor Valentine's Day Card

Mailable anchor valentine's day card

This simple but cute card measures 4 x 5.5 inches once it's folded, and fits perfectly in the included envelope template.

Sushi Valentine's Day Card

Printable soy sushi valentine's day card

Nothing goes together better than sushi and soy sauce! Make your loved ones laugh with this Valentine's Day card and matching envelope.

Submarine Valentine's Day Card

Mailable submarine valentine's day card

This card is perfect for those who enjoy dad jokes as well as those who love the sea!

Zombie Valentine's Day Card

Mailable zombie valentine's day card

Not into cutesy stuff? Send a zombie Valentine's Day card to your loved ones! I have several other zombie designs available in the shop as well.

Lumberjack Valentine's Day Card

Mailable lumberjack valentine's day card

This card is perfect for the 'manly men' in your life!

Foxy Valentine's Day Card

Mailable foxy valentine's day card

This foxy card is blank inside and comes with a matching envelope. You can add some glitter to the fox for some extra pizzazz if you'd like!

Boa Constrictor Valentine's Day Card

Mailable boa constrictor valentine's day card

Show your love with this funny snake card - but not with a real boa constrictor hug!


Didn't see what you were looking for? Check out my entire collection of Valentine's Day printables here.


Tiffany Everett

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