8 Cute Easter Printables

Easter's arriving soon! Celebrate the holiday and the beginning of the revitalizing spring season with these cute, pastel, and instantly downloadable Easter printables!

Printable Easter Bunny basket instant download rabbit foldable image 1

Dapper Bunny Easter Basket Printable

These bunnies are dressed to the nines in adorable tuxedos and glasses! They come in green, yellow ochre, and peach. And with stripes and polka dots, The baskets are cutesy, cheerful, and perfect for Easter.

Printable Mini Easter basket instant download rainbow foldable image 1

Pastel Mini Easter Basket Printable

For some-Bunny Egg-stra special; this cute, punny miniature Easter basket! This printable has pretty pastel rainbows all over! Fill it with lots of little treats like peeps, lollipops, jellybeans, and chocolate eggs! 

Hen House treat boxes for Easter Peeps chicks instant download image 1

Peep Hen House Printable

Put some Peeps in this pink and blue pastel hen house. They each fit one marshmallow chick each. These would make for a great easter party party favors!

Easter Bunny printable coloring page crayon hugger colored image 1

Color In Easter Bunny Crayon Hugger Printable

This printable is an easter bunny coloring sheet and crayon hugger. pick out a selection of spring time colored crayons and hand these out to a classroom. Once you purchase the file, you can print as many as you want!

Easter pencil hugger bunny card cute rabbit holds pencil image 1

 Easter Bunny Pencil Hugger Printable

This printable features 3 white easter bunnies, each with a differently colored Easter sweater. Yellow, pink, and purple; each decorated with hearts, stripes, and eggs.

Easter printable carrot party favor boxes candy cones image 1

Carrot Candy Cone Printable

This printable is a coned treat box, it's also a carrot! When you've finished folding it, box is 7 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide at the widest point and 1.75 inches deep. Fill it with lots of Easter candy and eggs!

Easter Bunny Printable Card to hold seed packets as a unique image 1

Bunny Seed Pack Holder Printable

Rabbits like carrots, but they actually love all sorts of veggies! This printable is a bunny seed packet holder. Give a friend or party guest a pack of flower or vegetable seeds in celebration of spring and new beginnings!

printable easter candy huggers bunny and chick party favor image 1

Finally, these bunny and chick candy huggers are an adorable choice for a party favor or classroom hand out. Print out as many as you like and let them hold a piece of chocolate, candy, or a small toy.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful Easter! enjoy coupon code KUDZUBLOG for 20% OFF all printable products!

Tiffany Everett

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