Just added a party kit that I am really excited about! It's a dump truck / construction party with everything you need for a truck-loving toddler's birthday!


Food ideas to go along with this kit:

"Compost Cupcakes" Chocolate cupcakes with gummy worms and cake crumbs sprinkled on top to look like dirt!

"Wreckin' Balls" Whoppers

"Dirt Clumps" Nestle Buncha Crunch

Activities for this party:

The printable kit comes with an educational recycling game! Print and fold the included mini trash, compost, and recycling bins and cut out the 18 different waste items that kids can sort into the correct bin!

Included Decor:

This kit has everything you need from traffic construction signs, wrecking ball and dump truck cupcake wrappers, 3D trash cans and caution cones, Happy Birthday construction banner, "refuel" 2 liter bottle wrapper, and lots more!

I would love to hear your ideas for this party theme!  Post them in the comments.

Get the printable construction trash dumptruck party kit INSTANTLY here: Kudzu Monster


Tiffany Everett

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