About Kudzu Monster

About Kudzu Monster 

My name is Tiffany Everett. I am a children’s book illustrator and graphic designer from Auburn, AL where monster-sized kudzu can be found anywhere you look.

I graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2012 and have since moved to the beautiful state of Colorado, where they don’t even know what kudzu is! Moving half-way across the country has given me a great opportunity to start fresh. I now devote the majority of my time to creating new products and manage to squeeze in time to hike and explore our new home with my husband and 2 dogs, Tuco & Frankie.

Kudzu Monster is always evolving. I started my first etsy store in college selling hand-bound journals and illustration prints. Then, I joined forces with a very talented friend and we created a shop together selling handmade felt baby mobiles and nursery decor. Now, as I continue to play around and experiment with crafts and design techniques, my store has become a place where I explore the many possibilities of paper crafts from unique greeting cards, foldable candy boxes and party favors, to customized mason jar labels (either printed on sticker paper or available for instant download) and professional logos and packaging design.

 I really enjoy working with customers to create something unique that they can show off to friends. I am open to new product ideas and would love the opportunity to create something special just for you!

Photos by www.ZacHenderson.net

Tiffany Everett
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