50 NON-CANDY Valentines

50 non candy valentines
Valentines don't have to use candy!  I have designed over 50 printables for non-candy Valentine's Day gifts for school!

All of my printables are super easy to DIY and I've created original art in tons of themes to help your kid's personality shine with their Valentine's Day goodies!
Click any of the images below to download your valentine instantly.  I have even included one FREE printable valentine in the list below.
Let the countdown begin!
1) Retro Milkshake Crazy Straw Valentines
I found the straws in bulk packs at the dollar tree!  
crazy straw milkshake
2 & 3) Sloth Pencil Holders and sloth coloring activity cards!
4) Pug Huggers (In fact, I have loads of animal huggers that are versatile enough for candy or non-candy Valentine gifts!  So check out my shop!)
pug hugger valentine
5) Slime Yours!  Fun Homemade slime Valenslimes.  Find lots of slime recipes on Pinterest!!!  It is super fun!
slime yours valentine printable
6) Life SNOT fun without you Valentine!  
Snot Valentine Slime 
7 & 8) Bath Bomb Valentines!  
9) Highlighter Valentines!  I made these in 2 sizes for the fat or skinny markers.
10) Nose Picking Pencil Holders :P
11 & 12) Whoopee Cushion Valentine Tags in 2 Color schemes
  whoopee cushion valentine tag for girls
13 & 14) Bubble Bot and Robot Coloring Hugger
robot coloring
15) Hedgehog Hugger- For these I found cute little heart shaped pencil sharpeners but they could hug almost any small toy.
hedgehog hugger
16) Dachshund Pencil Holder or Bubble Tube Hugger
17) Dog Face Valentine 
18) Otter Valentine Hugger
19 & 20) Bear Origami Kit and Bear Origami Coloring Kit
21) You're the BALM Chapstick valentine
balm chapstick valentine
22) Ducky Valentine
23) Coloring Owl Card
24) Space Bouncy Ball Valentines!
space valentine bouncy ball
25) Art Valentines- these cute paint brushes could hold lots of different goodies.  I found these teeny watercolor paint sets at Party City and thought they were just too cute to pass up!
paint brush art valentines
26) FREE DOWNLOAD: Car Valentines
27) Socks Valentine 
socks valentine
28) Bubble Blowfish- This Valentine can be used for almost anything!
29) Orange Cutie Valentine
30) Jelly Fish SLIME Valentines
slime valentine jelly fish
31) Corgi Valentines-  These are one of my faves!
32) Panda Valentines
panda valentine printable
33) Army Toy Valentines
34) Snake Pencil Holder
snake pencil holder valentine
35) A #2 (pencil) for you! Funny Poop Emoji Valentine
36) Unicorn Book Mark
37) Cupid's Arrow Book Mark
38) Unicorn Coloring Activity
39) Bullseye Valentine Pencil Holder
Bullseye pencil holder valentine printable
40) Elephant Crayon Hugger and Coloring Card
elephant crayon hugger
41) Koala Bear pencil Hugger.  I really like these :)
42) Zebra Coloring Card that Holds Crayons
43) Owl Pencil Perch
44) Mini Notebook Wraps
45) Simple Pencil Holder Heart
pencil holder valentine printable write for me
46) Mason Jar Valentines- I used these for Candles
candle valentines
47) Zombie Cards! I have lots of zombie themed valentines, so check out my shop!
48) Space Rocket Boxes- These could hold just about anything inside!
space ship rocket box printable
49) Another easy squeezy mason jar kit
mason jar printable valentine lid label and tag
and 50) Dinosaur toy heart (I used Dino erasers for this one!)
Look at you!  You made it all the way to the end of the list!  Thanks for reading!  Please feel free to use this DISCOUNT CODE:
for 50% OFF any Valentine on my shop!
I have even more valentines than seen here in my shop, so please give it a look and let me know if you have any thoughts about this list in the comments!  Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Tiffany Everett

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